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Where We're Headed

By The Reverend Published: February 17, 2010

Story of this Wisconsin billboard here.

By definition, in modern America, if a Democrat has been elected president......impeachment is the response. It all started in earnest with the nationally embarassing "birther" folks....Palin, Partiers, and the Fox Propagandists who love them, have successfully convinced over half of all Republican voters that Obama, really, is not one of us.

The only resolution to the Obama "problem", at least for bizarro conservatives, is impeachment. No reason will be necessary, just as there was no reason for the Clinton impeachment.

Everything we've witnessed from our hopelessly corrupt corporate media industry since Obama became president has been for the purpose of returning GOP tax-cutters-for-the-wealthiest back to Congressional power. The drooling by the likes of Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Anyone at Fox, that has gone on every day since January 20, all over hope of a GOP comeback.

If that comeback emerges, it will be accompanied with full metal jacket Villager assistance, just like in the 90's. If the GOP reclaims the House, Senate or both this November......can there really be any doubt that everything will be on the table.....including impeachment?

Obama has been president for less than 13 months. Already, American idiots are paying for billboard ads calling for Obama's impeachment.



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