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Who Are The Libyan Rebels?

By The Reverend Published: March 31, 2011

What's in a name, right?

Terrorists, insurgents, rabble-rousers, freedom about let's call them...rebels. Yeah, that's it. And so it was in the Village.

Americans have not one clue who these Libyan "rebels" are, what they stand for, what they will do if Qaddafi is overthrown, how they regard the U.S. and the West, how many of them exist.....we don't know anything at all. And yet, almost half of Americans approve of President Obama's hellbentness to defend them and assist them in their efforts.

But these Libyan fighters are not just "rebels" mind you....but "rag tag" "rebels"....which, I guess, is supposed to be a reminder to Americans of our own "rag tag" bunch of 1700's patriots who successfully overthrew those British colonialists. Which is a reminder to me to remind readers that Libya is the world's 9th largest oil producing nation. Draw whatever applicable inference you'd like.

What else do we know about these rag-tag Libyan rebels?

....the rebels now are starting to show their combat fatigue,......Outgunned and often outflanked in the field, they lack any sort of military strategy or leadership. They are eager to take ground, but are quick to flee when they face any real fighting. The reality is that a rebel military victory seems increasingly unlikely.

Sounds a bit like those fierce fighters we've been propping up in Afghanistan for....let me see.....2011 minus 2001 equals....10 years now. But hey, we're making progress because General David Petreaus would never, you know, betray us. So let's MoveOn.

From, Al-Qa'ida Foreign Fighters in Iraq: A First Look at the Sinjar Records.....we find that after Saudi Arabia (shocker), Libya was the next most common country of origin in producing anti-American jihadists to the Iraq conflict. 18.8% of foreign jihadists entering Iraq to fight against western forces were from Libya, a total of 112 fighters.

Benghazi, the northeastern Libyan equivalent of, I guess, Lexington and Concord....sent 21 jihadists into Iraq.

The vast majority of Libyan fighters that included their hometown in the Sinjar Records resided in the country’s Northeast, particularly the coastal cities of Darnah 60.2% (53) and Benghazi 23.9% (21).

Moreover, these "rebels" have tried taking on Qaddafi before....

Both Darnah and Benghazi have long been associated with Islamic militancy in Libya, in particular for an uprising by Islamist organizations in the mid‐1990s. The Libyan government blamed the uprising on “infiltrators from the Sudan and Egypt” and one group—the Libyan Fighting Group (jamaʹah al‐libiyah al‐muqatilah)—claimed to have Afghan veterans in its ranks. The Libyan uprisings became extraordinarily violent. Qadhafi used helicopter gunships in Benghazi, cut telephone, electricity, and water supplies to Darnah and famously claimed that the militants “deserve to die without trial, like dogs.”

As we already know, it is impossible for U.S. leaders to learn from history.....the proof being that we're not (by god) bogged down in a long, long quagmire in Aghanistan like the Soviets foolishly found themselves in before they gave up, went home, and ended their Union. No sir....not the United States of Jesus.

So, naturally, as President Obama secretly planned weeks ago to put CIA agents on the ground inside Libya to mark locations for our deficit-busting missles to hit....and as President Obama now secretly plots to arm these rag tag rebels with the proper firepower to overthrow Libya's "evil-doer"....we can rest assured that everything will work out just peachy.

Just in case you don't buy the river of deceptive bullsh*t flowing from our leadership, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made everything clear in a classified briefing on Wednesday.....

The White House would forge ahead with military action in Libya even if Congress passed a resolution constraining the mission, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a classified briefing to House members Wednesday afternoon.

Clinton and Obama are, I think wrongfully, relying on a provision in the War Powers Resolution of 1973 granting the President a window of up to 90 days to wage war in the case of "a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces."

Of course, Libya has not created a national emergency for America, nor attacked our armed forces or any of our territories or states....but hell, why quibble over, as W. put it, "a goddamn piece of paper", right?

In summary: Perhaps everything will work out fine. Maybe Qaddafi will simply leave, or be killed. Maybe Libya will break out in democracy like daisies in the spring.....what the hell would I know?

But I'm extremely skeptical. And with good reason. Just yesterday I read of 58 people being blown up in Iraq.....our last "America is different" experiment in spreading freedom. Afghanistan is not simply a's a hopeless and embarassing quagmire of mass American destruction.

Those who believe that the United States leadership is doing the right thing in Libya, like Obama-defender Ed Shultz in the video below, are simply basing their opinions on faith alone. And that's way too superstitious for me.



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