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Who Is Dividing Americans?

By The Reverend Published: November 3, 2011

While President Obama stumps for passage of a jobs bill, House Republicans, in unison...flip him, and America's unemployed, the bird.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the national motto.

That is what dithering actually looks like. Cynical dithering.....but dithering just the same. Way back in the ancient history archives of 2010, Republican hopefuls, teabags in tow, told Americans state by state that they were all about "jobs, jobs, jobs." Remember that? Good times, those. Since those 2010 midterms, Republicans have not brought one bill to create jobs to the House floor. Not one.

There have been bills restricting a woman's right to choose, bills to defund Planned Parenthood, bills to restrict potential Democratic voters from voting.....and now a bill to reaffirm "In God We Trust" as the national motto.

Perhaps, the "In God We Trust" bill IS the House Republicans' jobs legislation. If you need a job, you better trust in god to find you one...because Republicans aren't going to raise a finger to help you.

While House Troublicans dither away the remainder of Obama's first term, they endlessly accuse the president of dividing the nation. "Class warfare"....the GOP'ers claim every time Obama suggests taxing the top .1% a couple of percentage points more to pay for a new jobs initiative. And every time Obama pushes his jobs initiative message, the Dithering Troublicans, and their zombified supporters, screech something like this....

Obama's ceaseless attack on the "rich" and his effort to divide Americans on the basis of their income and wealth can best be seen as a diversion, an attempt to distract Americans' attention from his failure to address our interrelated economic malaise and fiscal crises.

Dividing Americans against one another on the basis of their income. Who would do such a thing?

Wildly conflicting estimates make it difficult to determine how public and private pay compares in Ohio, and millions are flocking to new online salary tools to peek at the salaries of government-paid friends, neighbors and politicians.

Bitter salary wars — over how much public workers are paid, for what and by whom — are a key element in the debate over a new collective bargaining law signed this spring.

Do you know who is actually waging "bitter salary wars"? That's right, Republicans. While federal House Republicans dither, passing cynical and meaningless bills in the middle of 9% unemployment....state Republicans have been did the NewsMax nut put it?....."dividing Americans on the basis of their income."

In Ohio, Republicans have done nothing but wage class warfare. Ohio anti-government conservatives have done nothing but "divide Americans on the basis of their income."'s become a cottage industry for conservatives in Ohio.

In fact, Republicans in Ohio have worked so hard to divide Ohioans according to income that many have even found themselves arguing over a couple of percentage points, more or less, that a public employee in Ohio pays for his health care benefits. The same has been true for Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The 2010 Tea Party GOP class of..umm..class warriors...have actually conspired together to "divide Americans on the basis of their income." Pitting public employees against non-public employees is not a bug in Republican's a feature.

The conservative Buckeye Institute began gathering and posting public salaries in 2010 to support its push to rein in government spending.

Pre-meditatively dividing Ohioans on the basis of income....pitting average income Ohioans against...well....other average income Ohioans....for the sole purpose of damaging Ohio's Democratic Party and eliminating the estate tax on Ohio's wildly rich.

I encourage you to read the piece in the Beacon today from the Associated Press. The title is "Public paychecks scrutinized in Ohio union fight."

While President Obama pushes for his national jobs bill, Republicans accuse him of "dividing us according to income." While Ohio Republicans accuse Obama of class warfare, they are busy "scrutinizing public paychecks."

Just in case you are position on Ohio's Issue 2, the Republican piece of...legislation... meant to divide Ohioans on the basis of income, meant to pit neighbors against still a big effing NO.



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