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By The Reverend Published: June 29, 2009

Short blog this Monday. I've been meaning to say something about what I have found to be extremely "sore-thumbish" since Obama's inauguration.

Does anyone find it odd that beginning with Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20th, corporate media has spent a tremendous amount of time plumbing the depths of some imagined Republican Party comeback?

Let's just set aside for a moment the overwhelming ratio of conservative guests to progressive guests on corporate teevee "news" programs. That's just standard operating procedure. From the Republican Party teevee network, FOX, to hapless CNN, down through the alleged-to-be-liberal network NBC-MSNBC.....daily questions and Very Serious analysis addressing some fantasy comeback by the minority party has been a part of every program.

It's odd because I'm sure I don't remember corporate media blathering on and on, after the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush president in 2000, about how Democrats could come back in 2004 and who would lead them back, etc., etc.

But because Republicans, according to corporate media, are, by definition, America's Serious Leaders, and not Democrats, even with a mandate from voters.....if Democrats would happen to, you know, by accident, gain the majority in Congress and the presidency.....then the most important question for Serious Experts in Knee Pad Media Land goes something like this.....

Question from David Gregory on yesterday's Press the Meat...

"David Brooks, how does this Republican Party of the future chart a new course. If you look back historically from Nixon to Reagan to George W. Bush. In each case, it was not only a kind of an indictment of the past, but also the charting of a new course for the future of the Republican Party."

We are 6 months into Democrat, Barack Obama's presidency. Al Franken, the Democrats 60th vote in the Senate, has yet to be given his rightful seat. But the most asked question by the Experts is....How can Republicans quickly come back to lead the country? I've heard this topic being discussed every day by those who call themselves objective journalists.



On a lighter note. The picture above is from this past Friday night at Akron's Lock 3. It was a great turnout on a great night,.....and did I mention that the Corona was cold. The Eric Clapton tribute band, Slowhand, did not disappoint this Reverend. Akron should be very proud of Lock 3.

This Friday night's Lock 3 band is Satisfaction, a Rolling Stones tribute band. We've seen them twice before and they are freaking phenomenal.....and you know me....I mostly hate everything. Iffin' you have a mind to, and like the Stones, bring your lawn chairs and have a good time. No cover charge, food is available and beer and wine coolers are $4.



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