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Why Bush Can't Accept Supremes Ruling

By The Reverend Published: June 16, 2008

George W. Bush, on hearing the results of the Supreme Court ruling re-instating basic habeas rights to prisoners held for years in Guantanomo and elsewhere...

"It was a deeply divided court, and I strongly agree with those who dissented." He said he would consider whether to seek new laws in light of the ruling "so we can safely say to the American people, 'We're doing everything we can to protect you.'" Link

Gotta love the fearmongering-to-the-bitter-end part of Decider's comment, don't ya'?

George W. Bush, like John McCain, agreed with the four dissenting Supreme Justices who would have thrown a 900 year old basic human right into the historical dumpster, like so much garbage. The basic settled human right that a person detained or jailed, in this case for multiple years, has the right to have his charges brought before him in front of a neutral party.....a right as simple and as basic as habeas can no longer be tolerated by the likes of Bush, McCain, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito.

The four dissenting Justices obviously believe in extra-Constitutional presidential powers....and....have little respect for long held basic human rights.

John McCain agrees with the four dissenters because he's running for president and he thinks appealing to the vengeful and bloodthirsty mindset of the minority, who still support Bush, will help his electoral chances.

But George W. Bush has another reason for siding with the dissenters. It's the same reason he wants immunity for telecommunications companies who conspired with him to violate Constitutional protections against unlawful wiretaps. It's the same reason Bush didn't want a 9-11 Commission, only relenting after his hand picked stooge supervised the behind-the-scenes investigation. It's the same reason Bush's White House went after Joe and Valerie Wilson. It's the same reason why George W. Bush commuted the Scooter's prison sentence, after the Scooter was convicted of four felony obstruction charges in the Plame case.

It's all about trying to save George W. Bush's ass from any humiliating public revelations detailing the part he played in unlawful, and in some cases, outright pre-meditated criminal acts.

It always has been about that.

If Bush can't get Congress to fast track some patchwork response to the Supremes ruling...fat chance of that....then George will have his sins found out by the public through federal court deliberations concerning the detainees held in Guantanomo. It may take a while, but his sins will surface, in part because of the Supremes most recent bitchslapping of Bush in the detainees ruling. The third time, I might add, that the Supremes have bitchslapped Bush down for acting like an American king. And if Bush's sins come out publicly, all of America will see who he really is.....a narcissistic, cynical little man who made everything in his presidency about him and his failed GOP party, not the country.

A little man who ordered torture, illegal kidnapping and renditioning to foreign gulags, the denial of basic human rights, illegal spying on American citizens, conspiring to out a covert CIA agent during a time of war, and propagandizing Congress and the American people to lead the nation into his personal neo-con war and imperialistic occcupation of choice in Iraq.

Silly George is anticipating his very own personal presidential library down in the Loner State of Texas. Naturally it will all be stocked with fiction...unless....because of the Supremes ruling last week....all of Georgie's many criminal sins are revealed in judicial proceedings and Georgie finally has to face up to the music he, himself, created.



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