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Why Does Junior Bush Hate Children So Much?

By The Reverend Published: December 13, 2007


It's an honest question for a dishonest Decider. Why does this president hate children so much? He loves embryoes. He signed his first veto saving frozen embryoes from any tax payer research that would have destroyed them. But children, you know, actual children who can be seen and identified and loved without the aid of a freaking microscope.....Junior doesn't seem to like as much.

In fact, by vetoing the increased funding for the state children's insurance program, again, the Commander Guy has successfully commanded his one-third-plus-one in the House, again, to vote against adding millions of children to health coverage rolls. Thus setting up millions of working class families for bankruptcy should their children come down with a protracted illness. Hating the children, refusing to sign a bipartisan bill, in so doing helping the ones he loves so deeply.... the investor class. The "Haves" Junior said himself...."my base".

The truth challenged White House did what it has done successfully now for 7 years.....lied.

In his veto statement, Bush said: "The leadership in the Congress has refused to meet with my administration's representatives." White House press secretary Dana Perino said that "even on a staff level, we weren't invited to negotiate."

"They've instead been intransigent and sent us two bills that they knew he wouldn't sign," she scoffed.

Bush and Perino state, I suppose while crossing their fingers behind their backs, that those bad Democrats simply kept the more-than-willing-to-negotiate president out of the loop altogether. To hear the executive branch, it seems the Grinch-like Democrats in Congress just wouldn't let poor Rudolph Junior Bush play any SCHIP reindeer negotiation games. Those Democrats, according to Perino and her president, are just all a bunch of meany Scrooges.

Like the story of ol' Rudolph, this White House fairy tale isn't true either....

Reid approached Bush to ask for negotiations during a ceremony for the Dalai Lama in the Capitol Rotunda in mid-October, a couple of weeks after Bush's first SCHIP veto, he said. The president told Reid, "No, I'm not moving, meet with my staff," Reid said at the time.

"The fact is that Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi asked to meet with the president to discuss giving children the health care they need, and he blew them off by telling them to talk to his staff," Manley said before the veto. "Now he's going to veto it for a second time without negotiating once." Link

Lies. Lies about helping children of working class parents. Now there's a legacy for ya'.

Bush lies about everything, of course, but this lying in order to hurt or kill children seems.....I don't know.....a bit savage.

The neo-cons, led by Liar-in Chief, lied us into attacking and occupying Iraq. These same American traitors were lying us into attacking another country, Iran, but the NIE release has slowed those lies down. Can you even imagine the wickedness here? An executive branch that lies to it's country in order to kill droves of Iraqi children. An executive branch that was trying to lie us into killing droves of Iranian children. And now, lies about wanting to hurt American children lacking proper health care coverage.

Money to kill Muslim children in Iraq and Afghanistan? No problem. Billions available, even if they all have to be cash advanced. This administration never flinched....ever....about borrowing on our great grandchildren's future tax payments in order to take our military machine over to a country that never threatened us. No hesitation whatsoever. Borrowing billions to attack a sovereign state, killing thousands and thousands of that state's children, all with borrowed, deficit ballooning tax money.

Bush not only didn't have a problem with any of that.....he relished it. He was probably aroused by it....that's how sick this Codpiece is.

But what about money to help the children of American working families, you know, here in the Homeland? Bush says there's no money for that. Apparently Bush has experienced a new born-again fiscal conservative religion....or....he's a bit schitzoid.

It's as if the Decider gathered all the American children without health coverage to the White House and held a gun to their heads, telling Americans, "I don't want to injure any of these children, but I will if you force me into it. Just drop this crazy notion about paying for coverage for these kids and I won't do to them what you've seen me do to those Iraqi children. You don't want that to happen, do you?" All this while the one-third-plus-one GOP henchmen ran around shouting and terrifying the kids, guarding the doors.

In the fall of the year 2000 the Supreme Court inserted itself into the presidential election process. The Court made one of the worst decisions in American history. How do I know?

Look at all the dead and vulnerable children.



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