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Why Is Huckabee Still Winning Primaries?

By The Reverend Published: February 10, 2008


Why don't Republicans like their frontrunning presidential candidate, John McCain?

Willard Mitt Romney suspended his campaign this past week, leaving McCain as the lone frontrunner in the GOP. So why is it that Preacher Mike Huckabee won two out of three states yesterday and came within an eyelash of winning the third?

Kansas: Man, what an embarassment for McCain. The Amazing Huck got 60% of the vote in Kansas to McCain's measly 24%. The real "straight talker" in the bunch, Ron Paul, garnered 11%.

Louisiana: Closer.....but still no cigar for the Arizona Senator. The Baptist preacher, Mike Huckabee, narrowly defeated McCain in Louisiana 43%-42%.....but no matter what logarithms are used, Huckabee was Louisiana's GOP pick over McCain. That's two out of two.

Washington State. This one is more interesting. For example, Undecided got 12%. Funny, I don't remember seeing someone named Undecided on the GOP primary ticket.....but apparently, Undecided has a significant pocket of supporters up in Washington.
McCain received 26%, Preacher Mike 24%, Libertarian Ron Paul got 21%, and Willard---Suspended Campaign---Romney received 17%. Those Republicans up in Washington State are united, huh?

First it was 9-11 Rudy who would save the GOP's bacon. Then it was, as Josh Marshall has noted, the narcoleptic campaign of Frederick of Hollywood Thompson. Both of those Republican saviours dropped out for lack of interest......from the voters. The Ronald McDonald Reagan mantle then fell to the Mormon guy, Mitt Romney. The Mittster couldn't spend enough money to win the nomination without leaving his big Mormon family penniless he "suspended" his attempt to buy the nomination.

Now what? John McCain, (or Juan, as neo-nuts affectionately call him), polls evenly with Hillary and 7 points behind Obama for president. However, McCain's flip-flops, his anger, his "surge is working" nonsense, his love of the Bush Doctrine.....haven't even been explored yet. When his laundry is aired, he'll trail by double digits in the national election.

Now don't forget, you conservatives out there,......the reason this is happening to the Republican Party is because of your Dear Leader. For seven long years and counting, Congressional Republicans have stood up for the worst president in American history. Despite the lawlessness, the torture, the Constitution shredding, the imperialistic wars based on fraud.....the Republican Party stood by their man, Junior, for the duration.

Now they're all going down together.

Unless Undecided can rally.



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