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Why It Makes A Difference

By The Reverend Published: January 23, 2008

Why does Hillary Clinton use the word "slum" in the following exchange from Monday night's CNN debate?

Smearing through association, and usually done on the sly through surrogates, has been Hillary's tactic to tamp down Obama's momentum during this primary season. But as Barack clearly explains.....American voters are sick of this kind of nonsense.....and American voters want someone to lead the country who they can actually trust will speak the truth, minus the triangulating and the smear games.

Obama explains that telling the truth and avoiding the political tricks Hillary has been important. It's important because the progress Americans want, care, ending Iraq, economic equality, education, global warming.....cannot be accomplished by a divided government, half of whom don't trust or believe in what the other half is saying or doing.

Progress can only be made with a new American coalition of voters. Barack Obama is the only candidate on either side who can pull that off.

If Hillary is elected president, isn't it true that the nation will still be divided along the same red/blue lines we've had since the 90's? Isn't it true, if Hillary is elected, that the media's fixation and loathing of the Clinton's will immediately return to 90's levels?
If Hillary is elected does anyone expect she'll have long coattails helping add to Democratic Congressional majorities? If Hillary is the candidate, won't the general election be razor thin....again?

Yes, Hillary might be able to win the presidency, she may be able to return corporate Democrats to their 1990's positions.....but the changes our country desperately needs will not have enough grassroots political support because of the Clinton polarization factor.

That's what Obama was getting at Monday night. He is correct in his evaluation.



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