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Why Knee Pad Teevee Can't Be Honest

By The Reverend Published: February 7, 2009

Media Matters documents daily, and to the letter, the Knee Pad Media's atrocities. I recommend to everyone at least a weekly review of their site. It's full of hard hitting and undeniable evidence of the media's bias towards the powerful and against the interests of average Americans.

I've already written about the number of Republicans versus Democrats who have appeared on Knee Pad Teevee during discussions of Obama's stimulus plan. Thinkprogress now has a follow up on it's original chart, and the 2 Republican appearances for every 1 Democrat ratio has continued this week.

Jamison Foster, over at Media Matters, suggests why Knee Pad Teevee favors the tried-and-failed Republican economic policies.....

At this point, it becomes impossible to ignore the elephant in the room: Television anchors like Charles Gibson are not going to qualify for food stamps anytime soon. But they would certainly benefit greatly from some tax cut provisions that wouldn't do nearly as much to stimulate the economy. Link

Mrs. Reverend and I have been discussing this very point. I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to economic policy discussions, virtually all of the Knee Pad Teevee Anchors need to recuse themselves from know, like judges do when there's a potential conflict of interest.

All of the KPMTV anchors make multiple millions each year. Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman, small audience attractors in actuality, make $5 million and $7 million per year respectively. Bryan Williams, Gharlie Gibson, Katie Couric, Bob Schieffer and others make even more.

Which party's economic recovery plan benefits those millionaire Knee Padders the most? Kind of rhetorical, I know....but it's important to comprehend this point.....millionaires, whether in the Knee Pad Media industry or not, stand to benefit from Republican tax cutting policies the most. Yes, millionaires pay more taxes because they "earn" more money than average Americans and, therefore, would get to keep more of those taxes in their own pockets if Bush's tax cuts are made permanent or Obama cuts taxes even more. How can we expect those millionaire Knee Padders to do anything OTHER than favor Republican economic policies?

Even filthier-rich Knee Pad Media Producers structure those 2-1 Republican-to-Democrat appearances and then millionaire anchors, like David Gregory, slant and focus the questioning to favor GOP policies, which, in reality, favors themselves. Simply a poor, near-under-the-bridge-existing millionaire, who only makes ONE million per year will have to give up $90,000 per year if Bush's wrecking-ball tax cuts are not made permanent.

We already know from the late Tim Russert and the new Meet the Press moderator, David Gregory, that multi-millionaire KPMTV "news" anchors do not see it as their job to find out which side of the political aisle is lying or misinforming. "That's not our job", Gregory said.

Apparently, what is their job is advancing their own personal causes at the expense of fairness and forthrightness. Kind of ironic that the fourth column of media, those allegedly "protecting" us from the powerful, have turned into the very powerful we need protected from.



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