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Why So Many Democratic Voters?

By The Reverend Published: February 8, 2008


The real story of this election cycle continues. Beginning with Iowa, numbers of voters turning out for Democrats have been significantly larger than in recent general election cycles. The numbers of Republican voters, meanwhile, have been average. Super Tuesday numbers continued that trend....

Overall yesterday, some 14.7 million voters cast Democratic ballots in the 15 states holding primary contests — compared to just 7.1 million in the 2000 contests in the same states. Turnout for Republican contests in those same states was 8.9 million in both 2000 and this year. Link

Republican voters are coming out for their candidates in average numbers, in primary after primary, while at the same time Democratic voters are coming out in record numbers, twice as many as 4 or 8 years ago in many cases.

There are two main reasons why the Democratic voter numbers are so high, but only one of these reasons is given any airtime. The Democrats have two very skilled as well as historic candidates, one is a white woman, one is a black man. Both are celebrity figures. That's one reason why voter numbers are up. America, after 230 years, is taking a step forward in fulfilling it's Constitutional mandate.

The second reason is rejection of Bush Republicans. Not a casual rejection either, it's one with prejudice.

Corruption in the Republican Party was the main reason voters rejected Republicans in 2006. Voters are turning out in larger numbers for Democrats in 2008 for the same reason. The Tom DeLay/Jack Abramoff/Karl Rove/Bill Frist plan of pay to play was so anti-American and so corrupt, it will be awhile before the stench wears off.

The GOP policy of dividing the nation up into opposing factions for the sake of political gain......gays, undocumented Latinos, choice, stem cells, abstinence only.....and subdividing us again through fearmongering and accusations of disloyalty if anyone opposes the Commander a reason why Democrats are voting in much larger numbers in rejection of Bush Republicanism.

The apparent addiction the Republican party has with borrowing money from future Americans and spending it now. That's another reason why Democrats are coming out in record numbers. The GOP's most recent two term presidents have been Reagan and Junior. Nothing but big deficits. Republicans not only do not know how to handle money, but they can't stop trying to steal it when they're in charge of it. Americans are coming out in record numbers for Democrats because they are rejecting the "it's our due" fiscal policies of Dick Cheney's Republican Party.

Many hundreds of thousands more voters are coming out for Democrats this cycle because of the foreign policy of Bush Republicans. A new militaristic cult has formed inside the United States in the last seven years. A cult that had been operating behind the scenes until Scalia selected Junior in the fall of 2000.

The Articles of Faith of this neo-conservative cult group include American empire building through lawless military pre-emption, rejection of limiting treaties or agreements with foreign countries, the establishment of an unaccountable and lawless "unitary executive" in the White House, the institutionalizing of torture and secret gulags where torture can be carried out, and the rejection of Congress as an equal branch.

Half of the record Democratic primary voter numbers can be attributed to the uniqueness of the first woman nominee and the first black nominee. The main media, to it's credit, does talk about the excitement being generated by these American firsts. But the other half of the story.....the total passionate rejection of Bush Republicanism......will never be talked about in any detail or at any length. Media isn't interested in telling Americans why voters are rejecting the last 7 years of Republican rule and doing so in record numbers.

If the GOP candidates were drawing record numbers of voters, it would be a continually cycled story. The pundits would create special segments during which they would ask why so many more people were coming out for Republicans and why the Democratic Party was being rejected so thoroughly. It would be the constant subject of phony "breaking news" banners.

The reason for this could be as simple as a Democratic threat to eliminate the Bush tax cuts, which would mean all these millionaire pundits and talking heads would lose their $91,000 annual windfall. It could be that millionaire media pundits and experts are susceptible to Republican authoritarians and their warmongering words. It could be that prominent codpieces on really big war carriers and huge phallic symbol airplanes as a backdrop for GOP debates make main media pundits tinkle in their pants just a little.

Whatever the reason.....let's be clear....the big story, so far, in the primary election cycle is that Republicans need to seek out higher ground. There's an electoral tsunami coming this November that will wipe out an entire mini-generation of, Bush cult, fascist-lite Republicans.



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