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Why They Hate Us

By The Reverend Published: September 1, 2011

I give credit to the Akron Beacon Journal for including this story in today's paper.

With an all volunteer military and a compromised and corrupt national media, Americans don't often hear the truth about our numerous military adventures in foreign lands. I guess it's just easier that way. If Americans were kept informed about our many wars, there probably wouldn't be enough time to cover Christine O'Donnell's and Sarah Palin's on again, off again, invitation to speak at yet another gathering of the extremely unpopular Tea Party nihilists.

Again, thanks to WikiLeaks, and no thanks to those seasoned corporate workers often called "journalists", there is additional information on how our military marauders have been conducting wars in our name. Not many will give a damn, one way or the other, of course.....hey, it's football season again....but I think the WikiLeaks information helps to explain why it is that those medieval tribalists and Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and know, hate us and would want to hurt us.

Here is how you are being represented by the U.S. military...

US forces had committed a heinous war crime during a house raid in Iraq in 2006, wherein one man, four women, four children, and one infant were summarily executed, a State Department diplomatic cable released last week by WikiLeaks revealed.

The cable excerpts a letter written by Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, addressed to then Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

American troops had approached the home of Faiz Harrat Al-Majma’ee, a farmer living in central Iraq, to conduct a house raid in search of insurgents in March 2006.

“It would appear that when the MNF (Multinational Forces) approached the house,” Alston wrote, “shots were fired from it and a confrontation ensued.” Afterwards, “troops entered the house, handcuffed all residents and executed all of them.” Mr. Faiz Hratt Khalaf, (aged 28), his wife Sumay’ya Abdul Razzaq Khuther (aged 24), their three children Hawra’a (aged 5) Aisha ( aged 3) and Husam (5 months old), Faiz’s mother Ms. Turkiya Majeed Ali (aged 74), Faiz’s sister (name unknown), Faiz’s nieces Asma’a Yousif Ma’arouf (aged 5 years), and Usama Yousif Ma’arouf (aged 3 years), and a visiting relative Ms. Iqtisad Hameed Mehdi (age 23) were killed during the raid.

Alston’s letter reveals that a US airstrike was launched on the house presumably to destroy the evidence, but that “autopsies carried out at the Tikrit Hospital’s morgue revealed that all corpses were shot in the head and handcuffed.”

Think about it. Shooting little children in the head at pointblank of them 5 months old. Our military "representatives" coldbloodedly murdered tiny children and then called in airstrikes to coverup the evil that they had done. American exceptionalism? You decide.

And for those who might think that this incident was simply a one-off....

The details revealed in the cable offer a valuable insight into how many of these house raids turn out. The raids, often carried out in the middle of the night, have become one of the primary strategies of the US war in Afghanistan, with tens of thousands orchestrated just in the last year.

Is there any question why "they" hate us? Is there any question about why some youthful Afghanis, or Iraqis, or Pakistanis would want to do damage to the United States? What would you want to do to foreign occupiers who pointed guns at the heads of 5 year olds, 3 year olds, and 5 month olds....and calmly pulled the trigger?

Sick enough to your stomach yet?

Oh, but Reverend, that incident was way back in 2006....we don't do stuff like that anymore....

In one notable and comparable incident in February 2010, US Special Operations Forces surrounded a house in a village in the Paktia Province in Afghanistan. Two civilian men exited the home to ask why they had been surrounded and were shot and killed. US forces then shot and killed three female relatives (a pregnant mother of ten children, a pregnant mother of six children, and a teenager).

Instead of calling in an airstrike to hide the evidence, US troops, realizing their mistake, lied and tampered with the evidence at the scene. The initial claim, which was corroborated by the Pentagon, was that the two men were insurgents who had “engaged” the troops, and the three murdered women were simply found by US soldiers, in what they described as an apparent honor killing. Investigations into the incident eventually forced the Pentagon to retract its initial story and issue an apology.

Coldbloodedly murdering 2 pregnant Afghani women and a teenager might be what American presidents consider keeping us safe. I consider them executions of the most horrific kind.

"They" hate us because we occupy their lands and execute their tiny children, pointblank. They hate us because we shoot rockets down on their bridal parties, incinerating all participants in what was to be a joyous occasion. They hate us because we insist on setting up permanent military bases in their countries in order to project more killing power throughout the middle eastern region.

We kill people. That's what America does. We don't spend 6 times more than China on "defense", and more than all other countries combined.....for nothing. And because, as we go about killing people, we execute pregnant women, incinerate entire bridal parties, and pointblank, blow off the heads of 5 month olds.....I'm here to tell you....THAT'S why they hate us.



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