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Will The Real Commander Please Stand Up?

By The Reverend Published: July 23, 2008

I'm having a difficult time comprehending what extremist conservatives have been saying about America's president "listening to the commanders on the ground in Iraq." The propaganda spinning for a couple of years now has been that George, Commander Guy, Bush has only been making C-in-C decisions based on the situation "on the ground" in Iraq as mediated to him by the "commanders"....mainly General David Petraeus.

Barack Obama's firmly held position of removing our soldiers from Iraq has been blasted for not taking into consideration what the "commanders on the ground" have to say. Obama was mocked by John McCain because Obama already has his mind made up on the U.S. military leaving Iraq when he becomes president. The neo-conservative McCain said Obama had it backwards. Johnny Mac said Obama should go to Iraq first, talk with the "commanders on the ground".....and then....make a decision, instead of having his mind already made up.

As with many of today's neo-conservative and radically conservative policy positions.....McCain has this back to front. This simple chain of command incident suggests that McCain is not prepared, nor qualified, to become president.

As Obama has stated repeatedly....the Commander in Chief "sets the mission." The "commanders on the ground" do NOT set the mission for our military. If the president is the C-in-C, which the Constitution indeed spells out clearly, then who is it that he is "Commander" over? It isn't the American people. The president is not the C-in-C of the American matter how often FOX news implies it. The president is C-in-C of the ARMED FORCES.

General Petraeus is a high ranking officer in the ARMED FORCES. So...Petraeus works and is commanded by.....the president. Not the other way around. George W. Bush, the most unpopular president in my lifetime, pulled a propaganda fast one on the American people in 2006. He cleverly began putting the responsibility of Iraq onto the shoulders of General Petraeus. Around 2006, the Decider decided to make Americans believe he no longer had control of what happened in Iraq because he was listening to the advice of the "commanders on the ground." Another one of George's misdirection stall tactics as he leaves the quagmire to the next president.

Petraeus testified to Congress and pretentiously, Bush and his lackeys played like they were all anxiously awaiting what the "commander" recommended. Dog and pony.....all of it. Bush began deferring to "commanders" when Iraq turned to a manure pile built on lies and deception. John McCain wants to reload the manure.

Bush didn't wait with baited breath for "commander" reports when he and The Dick planned to attack Iraq in Jan-Feb 2001. Bush was the C-in-C and he set the mission.....even though it was a fraudulent one.

Now Obama is instructing Johnny Mac and Georgie-Poo on what the Commander-in Chief's role is. Obama, as our next president, will set the military's "mission". Just as Bush set the Iraq "mission." Obama's "mission" for the military, the same military he will be the C-in-C over, will be to redeploy our combat troops out of Iraq. Barack Obama won't be taking commands from the military commanders he, himself, commands. That would be relinquishing his responsibility to underlings.

Apparently, that's John McCain's strategy. McCain, if he is to be believed, (a big if), will relinquish his job as Commander-in-Chief. McCain has said repeatedly that he will defer to the "commanders on the ground" rather than direct and decide what the "mission" should be in Iraq.

So before he even thinks about becoming president, John, the Veteran, McCain, is telling the American people he will lay down his authority as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces....and listen and act on the advice of the "commanders on the ground."

Barack Obama, as Commander in Chief, will tell the "commanders on the ground" what their mission will be. McCain would allow the "commanders on the ground" to tell him what the mission should be.

I know this sounds too simplistic....but isn't that exactly what we're being told?



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