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Will Thompson Be Out Before He's In?

By The Reverend Published: July 26, 2007


Many conservatives are looking to Fred "Red Truck" Thompson to be the Republican Party's saviour in the 2008 presidential election. These same conservatives see Rudy, Mitt and the fellas' as either not far enough to the right or as simply unelectable for whatever reason.

Thompson is well known because of his teevee work play acting a serious and solemn man. He may not be very serious or solemn, you know, about real life stuff the nation's citizens care about, but, as the wingnut thinking goes, at least he plays a character like that on teevee.

But the question has now recently become, will Thompson be driven out before he even gets into the presidential race?

The New Yorker magazine starts telling America the truth about ol' Red Truck....

Although some of his campaign staff protested the move as cheesy, they leased Thompson a red Chevy pickup and he hit the road. Cooper attempted to paint Thompson as phony, calling him a “Gucci-wearing, Lincoln-driving, Perrier-drinking, Grey Poupon-spreading millionaire Washington special-interest lobbyist.” But voters loved the truck. They didn’t seem to mind that the candidate often switched from a sedan to the truck just miles from his appearances. “We couldn’t believe anyone was buying it,” says Kopp. “We underestimated him. What we didn’t get is that Fred is the country version of a street kid. He’s been talking his way out of situations since he was in high school. He’s a charmer. People fall for it.” Link

Yes, many politicians, and would be politicians, have worked the "charm" factor to their benefit, no question about that. The larger question would be, however, how will he perform as a leader? How did Thompson do in the Senate? The New Yorker article gives us some insight....

The greatest testament to the power of Fred Thompson’s down-home likability might be that his Senate years were widely viewed as a train wreck, yet he emerged not only unscathed but also as a presidential contender.[..]Thompson spent the next two years accomplishing almost nothing of significance other than raising money for his 1996 reelection: Thompson brought back the red truck and won in a walk.

[..] Thompson was also accused of grandstanding, and his relationship with then Republican Senate leaders Trent Lott and Mitch McConnell quickly soured. Soon Thompson was warring with both sides. “[We have] presidents at fund-raisers, Lott [saying] raising money is the American Way, [and] McConnell [is the] Darth Vader of Reform,” Thompson says in one of the off-the-record sessions found in his archives.

What do we have so far here? Thompson is a charmer who uses "folksy" and cheesy" methods to gain power but who didn't accomplish much while

he was setting up his presidential plan he served in the Senate. And while serving in the Senate, he talked shit about badmouthed other Republican leaders.

But hey....he played a serious and solemn leader on the teevee and I bet he has also spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express as well.



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