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By The Reverend Published: August 7, 2007


Wasn't it Art Linkletter who had the "Kids Say the Darnest Things" shows and books? Well, there are those here at Reverendland who think the time has come for a similar serial program. You know, a "Wingers Say the Darnest Things" kind of program.

And so....I introduce to you....the one and only "Winger-mindedness", volume one.....

In response to a question about GOP hopeful Fred Thompson.....

"He seems to be closer to the conservative that I am," said Richard Bussa, 60, a Thompson supporter and retired newspaper writer from Minford, Ohio. "Playing on the police shows he's on, he does present a hard-nosed, law-and-order-type guy."

Take the time to luxuriate in that patriotic (and ever-so-serious)methodology of choosing the person who commands the mightiest military machine in human history.

Look for volume 2 very soon....after all...."Wingers say the darnest things"....and they say them all the time.



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