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WingnutStock 2009

By The Reverend Published: September 1, 2009

It could be called the Summer of Insanity. But that's too harsh, isn't it? Too shrill. Rather than refer to the brave, thoughtful and calmly-expressed, yet steroidally-enhanced, patriotism we've been witnessing this summer over the many Democratic proposals to kill our grandparents and turn all of us into socialist Obamabots with a strong desire to have a sex-change operation WHILE having a government paid for abortion....rather than call such an unusual display of love for country..insane, I prefer the title, WingnutStock 2009.

Instead of Peace and Love being the central theme of WingnutStock 2009, it's "gas chambers for seniors and babies" 40 years does make a difference, huh?.....

Spring Valley, California....the latest stop for the WingnutStock 2009 Tour....was a veritable replay of the patriotism, bravery and wisdom witnessed in America's Founding Fathers.

Wisdom like this....

Quite frankly, the outbreak of reasoned, intelligent super-patriotism at the Spring Valley, CA stop of the WingnutStock 2009 inspiring. I'll be opining on the briliiance of the patriotic woman at the 4 minute mark but watch the entire video.....but before you do....please take the time to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

The one thing that WingnutStock 2009, The Patriot Tour, makes crystal clear......the attendees are the most articulate, coherent and comprehensible bunch of super-patriots that I have ever seen.

"stuffed with Krispy Cremes, shop til you drop, if mothers baked cookies kids wouldn't need Ritalin, a 70" television set."

See what I mean? A rare glimpse into why America, and it's citizens, are so exceptionally exceptional. Is it any wonder why the WingutStock 2009 Tour has been so successful, so popular? The tears of unvarnished national patriotism are difficult to fight back, aren't they? Have you ever heard a more cogent explanation of our Divine nation's purpose? Me either.

Is it any wonder then why our Great Fourth Branch Protectors, main media, haven't been able to stop reporting and looping daily video form the WingnutStock 2009 Tour?

It isn't often in American history that such displays of honest, no-bull, patriotism are seen. Rare, I tell you. The Monicagate Tour and the Terri Schiavo Tour come to mind....but outside of those two national-pride would be hard pressed to come up with a comparably patriotic event to the WingnutStock 2009 Tour. I can't wait until the whole Tour comes out on DVD.

Do you remember when Jimi Hendrix played the National Anthem at Woodstock in 1969? Talk about your over-the-top performance. My personal favorite was Alvin Lee's "I'm Going Home." But make no mistake, neither one of those performances came close to this performance at the Austin, Texas stop on the WingnutStock 2009 Tour....

Start at the 1:35 mark....and try not to allow your love-of-country emotions get the best of you....

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What'd I tell you? I don't know about you, but when I heard those super-patriotic words, "I hate that flag up there", I raised my lit-Bic, and started looking where the communal-joint had been passed. Whew, knocked my socks off with those riffs. Spine-tingling.

Not only is the WingnutStock 2009 Tour chock full of masterful as well as patriotic individual performances, as seen in that video, but more importantly for the sake of preserving American Exceptionalism, the Tour is working to stop the Nazi hoardes, whom Americans mistakenly elected, from turning our God-Ordained Nation into some hellhole like France....or even Canada....where, can you believe it?, the health of their citizens takes precedence over corporate profits. No wonder the French and the Canadians can't speak proper English.....but what's even worse is the fact that the French and the Canadians LIKE their national health coverage.

First comes the national plan to kill old people, perform abortions on everybody including men, and change everyone's sexual orientation....then comes the national brainwashing. The hideous reprogramming, in the case of the French and the Canadians, where they actually come to believe that their socialist-commie-devilish national health programs are a good thing.

Now, I hope you can better understand why the WingnutStock 2009 Tour is so important and essential for all truly patriotic Americans. The Texan in the video who says, "I hate the U.S. government", "I hate the U.S. flag", is just trying to warn us against health reform legislation that will endanger the well-deserved profits of health insurers, that will allow us to change jobs, keep our homes if we get sick, and not bankrupt the national treasury.

What true patriot would ever want such things?



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