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By The Reverend Published: November 16, 2007


Neo-con diva Charles Krauthammer was back at it again with his column today reprinted in the Beacon. The Kraut speaks the neo-con dialect fluently. His column is all about something that is dear to wingnuts hearts....."winning". Just "winning".

Here's what Chuck says...

What's changed in the past year? Bush's dress and diction remain the same. But he did change generals — and counterinsurgency strategy — in Iraq. As a result, Iraq has gone from an apparently lost cause to a winnable one.

The rise of external threats to our allies has concentrated their minds on the need for the American connection. The revival of American fortunes in Iraq — and the diminished prospect of an American rout — have significantly increased the value of such a connection.


The event that will have more effect than any other on the strength of our alliances worldwide.

It is success or failure in Iraq. Link

Krauthammer believes in the elementary schoolyard rule....might means right. When the school bully beat up a smaller kid, he question.....but what did he win? Only a mismatched contest of violence.

And so it is with Krauthammer's thinking. No matter that Iraq can't reconcile it's political disagreements and unite as one country. No matter about that. We're "winning", just like the schoolyard bully, and that's all that matters. No matter that the country of Iraq has been ravaged by destruction and millions of Iraqis are still refugees or displaced. We're "winning". How do we know? Other countries are rushing to bow down in allegiance to, and alliance on, the great bully.

Yes, violence is down in Iraq....and that's a good thing. To Charles Krauthammer, however, all the violence that's devastated Iraq is seen as some kind of diplomatic initiative. Diplomacy by pre-emptive war means. That's what neo-conservative, fascist minded columnists regard as dilpomacy.

The columnist and Sunday FOX FIENDS teevee contributor believes this bullying of Iraq is making other leaders on the world playground shake in their shoes.....and because of that fear, give obeisance to all of Junior/Dick's imperialistic goals.

Just like the bully on the playground, beating up on a crippled kid, declaring he "won" and then expecting the other kids to quake in his presence from that moment onward.

Krauthammer, amazingly, believes that Junior/Dick's imperialistic and criminal invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation that never posed a threat to America is the only diplomacy those Muslims understand. That's "winning" to a neo-conservative. Bullies beating up on skinny and helpless kids on the playground.

Facts are that Americans no longer agree with, if they ever did, a policy of bullying other nations. 70% now believe Iraq was a mistake and want our troops home. In those foreign countries whose leaders, Chuck says, embrace the U.S. because of our bullying.....vast majorities actually hate us more than ever.

But to little minded Charles Krauthammer, none of that matters, somehow, all the illegal and imperialistic bullying we're doing means we're "winning".

Bullies from the schoolyard oftentimes wound up in adulthood as failures. Kind of like George W. Bush. In a civilized society, unilateral violence is typically regarded as unacceptable. Non-violent means have become the world's methods of resolving differences. Bullies fail ultimately in today's world.

Neo-conservative freaks like Krauthammer....and Junior/Dick....think they are patriotic throwbacks to some imagined "glory" years, sometime between the 1940's and the 1960's, when America, they fantasize, simply did what it wanted on the world's stage.

These guys are throwbacks alright.....throwbacks to the elementary school playground.



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