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Winning Hearts & Minds With Our Exceptional Traditional Values

By The Reverend Published: July 28, 2014

Israeli scoreboard: Killing slowed on Sunday for the first time since July 7th. 1035 Palestinians now dead, 218 of those 1035 are children. 6200 wounded Palestinians. 40 dead Israeli soldiers and 3 dead Israeli civilians. 

President Obama is now "growing more concerned" over civilian killings. Growing....more....concerned. 

You may have heard that the UN Human Rights Council voted last week to investigate potential human rights abuses in Gaza. 

The U.N. top human rights official, Navi Pillay, suggested both Hamas and Israel had committed war crimes in their attacks that have killed civilians in Gaza.

Twenty-nine countries voted in favor of the resolution that would launch an inquiry into violations in Gaza and 17 states abstained. The U.S. was the only country that voted against the resolution.

See that "only against" part? The United States is an exceptional nation, unlike other lesser nations. Being the only nation to vote against a UN Human Rights Council investigation of human rights abuses by BOTH sides of the Gaza-Israeli conflict is all the evidence one needs to appreciate how exceptional and unique our country really is. 

However, being the only country to vote against investigating potential human rights violations by both Hamas and the Israeli military was not sufficient for super-Judeo-American-valued-up Patriots like long-time South Carolinian GOP Senator Lindsey Graham. 

"[I would] condemn the U.N. human rights report that holds Israel responsible for the activity here," Graham said. "The U.N. Human Rights report is a joke. The U.N. is becoming anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic. I would push back. Congress will do this.”

Rarely have the eternal values of our exceptional nation been expressed so clearly.

Investigating possible human rights abuses by the Israeli military....the military responsible for slaughtering approximately 700 civilian Palestinians in schools, houses and refugee posts.....obviously....needs condemned. Any person or group who even suggests that Israel, or America, has behaved either anti-America, anti-Israel...or, most likely, both.

No doubt Congress will act immediately to counter the findings of any such UN report. How else can righteous and good elected U.S. officials parade the values of the world's lone "indispensable" nation in front of all the other citizens from lesser countries.....than to condemn the findings of an investigation into possible war crimes BEFORE an investigation is conducted. 

That's the only pathway to...uh...."winning over the hearts and minds" of non-exceptional citizens in non-exceptional countries.

It is truly astonishing that citizen would have a desire to do harm to the U.S. or it's citizens, isn't it? The question "why do they want to do us harm?".....completely ignored after 9-11.....remains a total mystery 13 years later.

While that question dare not raise it's head inside the U.S......what has been true, according to military-industrial complex leaders, is that after 13 years of multiple Muslim is reported that there are many more al-Qaeda types willing to harm Americans...than ever. 

A State Department official warned a congressional committee on Wednesday that "ISIS is al Qaeda."

"It may have changed its name, it may have broken with senior al Qaeda leadership such as Ayman al-Zawahiri, but it is al Qaeda in its doctrine, ambition and increasingly in its threat to U.S. interests," said Brett McGurk, the deputy assistant secretary for Iraq and Iran. "In fact it is worse than al Qaeda."


So then, job well done? Trillions have been spent.....tens of thousands killed....entire middle eastern countries destroyed beyond recognition these past 13 years.....and the threat, we're told, is worse than ever.

Would you conclude that those results are by accident....or design?

Those who still suffer, delusionally, from exceptional American-itis....might argue that those results are simply the perfect coincidence storm. Unforeseen consequences of our righteous efforts to defend our exceptional nation. To those folks, what the U.S. needs to do is increase military aggression in middle eastern countries.

But U.S. citizens who are not still deluded by fear and military-complex propaganda are increasingly reaching the conclusion that all this GWOT-Long War stuff with "worse than al-Qaeda" results after 13 years.....IS THE PLAN....and has been all along.

Wreak havoc in fossil-fuel-rich Muslim countries through regime change.....militarily position ourselves, permanently, closer to perceived future powers like Russia and China.....from whence exceptional America can project it's military power more effectively throughout Eurasia. With the final objective being total world dominance.

It's a, you know, "humble" foreign the same way that Israel is "defending" itself by slaughtering civilian Palestinian women and children hiding in UN schools and refugee camps.

And anyone who thinks otherwise......will be sternly scolded and harshly condemned by the likes of Super-Patriot, Senator Lindsey Graham.










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