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Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

By The Reverend Published: June 23, 2010

This was the view from our 4th floor patio. Beach was approximately 200 feet from our complex. It was tough, but we suffered through it.




Pictures are of the Oceanic restaurant next door to Surf Suites, where we stayed. Rooms at the Surf Suites run approximately $300 per night....and I gotta' say....worth every dollar. Quiet, private, away from the commercialized hubbub.....and no one bothers you.

Complete kitchen with full-wall glass sliders to patio, one bedroom, one bath, a foldout couch to sleep 2 more.

I'm no world traveler....and just like with everything else.....I'm no expert.....but I highly recommend Wrightsville Beach. We also visited Carolina Beach, 20 minutes or so south of Wrightsville. Also a great spot.....not to mention the Tiki Bar Wharf which could be easily accessed from the beach.

The nearest restaurants were just a tad pricey.....but the crabcake sandwich, the yellowfin tuna, the glazed salmon and the pan-seared grouper.....what can I say?....they were all delicious. Crab, oyster and shrimp are the primary least until BP's, I mean Obama's, oil spill reaches the eastern seaboard.

The Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches are residential....with only a few exceptions. Duplexes and quadplexes, primarily, line the beaches.

There were surfers, boogie-boarders, beach walkers, fishermen, shell gatherers,.....and I even saw a beach photo shoot one evening of a..umm..scantily clad young woman. I looked away....for the most part.

We watched what had to be a very distant thunderstorm do it's thing over the ocean one evening. Couldn't hear the thunder....that's how far away it was.....but the lightning from the darkened mass of clouds was quite a spectacle.

We saw some of downtown Wilmington....moss-covered old trees....University of Wilmington.....some cool establishments......very clean.

The Reverend, as many know,....hates virtually everything....but as far as visiting Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina....I'll wax very Charles Barkley-ish...."it's not terrible."

Mr. & Mrs. Duck were staying at the Surf Suites....

More of the hellish-amenities we had to endure....



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