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Yeah, We, Like.....Did

By The Reverend Published: November 5, 2008

I know everyone is tired today from staying up a little later than usual last night.....but now let me ask you,....wasn't it all worth it?

Yes we can. So we did.

By a 349-162 electoral college vote count (so far), Democrat Barack Obama blew out his Republican opponent, John McCain, in what will certainly be hailed as an historic American election for the presidency. Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Indiana, and yes, Ohio....all states formerly known as red.....went for Obama last night. In addition, former red states, North Carolina and

Missouri , are still too close too call the morning after.

With 98% of the national vote counted Obama has 62,688,526 votes to McCain's 55,549,254 votes. A SEVEN million vote differential.

Democrats made gains on their majorities in Congress as well. Democrats will now control (at least) 56 senate seats, a seven seat swing....and 258 house seats, an increase of some 27 representatives.

Not as good as I had hoped for but make no mistake, Democrats now have a mandate from the American people to govern our troubled nation from a more progressive perspective.

And because of that, my faith in the American people has been refreshed. Modern Republicans of the Rovian variety may have been able to deceive and fool most of the people for a good while but in today's YouTube, 24/7, blogospheric world of flying ones and can no longer fool Americans forever.

Why Obama won big.

1) George and The Dick. Never have two men done so much to tear down America, and in so doing, turn off American voters from voting for Republicans. So I give thanks to The Decider and His Dick for exposing the true nature of today's conservative movement. The ugly face of today's conservative movement has been partially hidden just below the surface for some 30 years. It took the insane judgment, irrational decisions and criminal actions of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's 8 year reign of error and terror to bring all that ugliness directly into our living rooms for Americans to cast their final verdict.

2) Barack Obama is an extremely intelligent and gifted politician who not only is convincing and compelling in his arguments, but also inspirational in his style. Obama did what he said he would do. He set aside the "old politics" of trivialization. He set aside the "old politics" of personal destruction. He made Americans proud of his candidacy. Obama has proven that we are not a country of red and blue states forever locked into some pre-determined, either-or, political-branding-department-store-hell. Barack Obama has successfully cut out and laid down the new template for future presidential elections. His "new politics" have now become a force with which all future politicians will have to reckon.

3) Obama's opponent, certainly a better American than George W. Bush, ran a horribly poor campaign. John McCain likes to gamble....and it showed over the last few months. McCain's recklessness, his erratic behavior, and his failure to make an argument that Americans could understand or appreciate led directly to Obama's big win last night. Last night in his concession speech, McCain spoke of how he would look back at this campaign with honor....but his campaign was anything but honorable.

Finally....the easy part is now over. The hard stuff begins today. Winning the presidency, though extremely important in order to change the nation's course, is only the start. I encourage all voters, McCain's as well as Obama's, to give President Obama a chance. Patience will be required. The problems facing our country didn't become problems overnight and they won't be solved overnight, either. We've grown accustomed to being instantly gratified in a world filled with covenience and accomodation. National reform and change is not an instant gratification kind of thing.

I'm not much on nationalism with all the symbolic trappings meant to stir emotion. But I must tell ya', after last nights resounding Obama win.....I'm not shy about saying that today....I am proud of America....a nation where the ongoing social experiment with a democracy established of the people, by the people and for the people.....took another step forward last night.



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