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ZOMG! "What About The Children & Grandchildren?"

By The Reverend Published: June 3, 2013

During those great Confederate-pride days of the summer of 2011 newly elected TeaHouse members were damn determined to wreck the U.S. economy through refusing to increase the nation's debt limit. In all of U.S. history, the debt ceiling had never been held hostage.....but then the House had never had so many delusional and nihilistic GOP members before either.

The haughty cockiness exuded by these newly minted TeaHouse members was as nauseating as it was insincere.....

Bolstered by new polls and fresh off their vote to bar an increase in the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, House Republicans swaggered into the White House Wednesday for the latest negotiation to end their economic hostage taking. One, Rep. Jeff Landry of Louisiana, refused to attend and be "lectured to by a president whose failed policies have put our children and grandchildren in a huge burden of debt."

In the end, the U.S. credit rating took a slight hit, the national economy blipped downward for a spell....and the truce negotiated by Obama with the Confederates....Super Debt Committee plus sequester backup....proved to be yet another trick by Tea GOP's to do further damage to the national economy during a general election year.

Even though the trick didn't work and Obama and Senate Democrats were re-elected easily...and even though in 2013 our economy is gaining enough momentum to wipe out an unexpected additional $200 billion from the deficit.....and even though Republican John Boehner said in March, "we don't have an immediate (debt) crisis", TeaHouse members just can't quit their brokeback, economy-damaging, relationship with debt-reduction-at-the-end-of-a-gun-barrel politics. And.....again, it's the children and grandchildren who Teas are oh-so-concerned about....

Eric Cantor, February, 2013...."For four years, we have seen record deficits and mountains of debt heaped on our children and grandchildren..."

Joe Bob Ted McCarthy Cruz, May 22, 2013...."What we are doing to our kids and grandkids, I think is immoral."

It's always "our kids and grandkids", isn't it? When the straight-up use of fear just won't cut it.....there's always the emotional appeal to the "kids and grandkids." Of course, no one wants to hurt the children and grandchildren, right? ....Right?

Here's Indiana GOP Rep. Luke Messer explaining how maybe, perhaps, burdening the "children and grandchildren" with more debt would be a very good lesson in "personal responsibility".....

When "Daily Rundown" host Luke Russert asked Messer how he would reconcile the fact that Republicans are in favor of letting student loan rates rise up to 8.5 percent while it appears the president wants to keep rates between 3 and 4 percent, Messer said the GOP has a communication problem.

“Republicans have to do a better job of explaining how our ideas apply to young people," Messer said. "Sometimes it sounds like he is selling ice cream and we’re selling spinach. I think personal responsibility is pretty cool. There is nothing out of date about freedom, and we have the policies that get this budget back in line, stop the explosive growth of spending. Spending that will be paid for by this generation. We’ve got to do a better job of explaining that.”

"I think personal responsibility is pretty cool." Translation: the "children and grandchildren" who Republicans like me don't want to be burdened down with future national debt....should really be burdened down with higher future student loan debt....and.... for there own good. Not burdening our children and grandchildren down with higher student loan debt would be an attempt to "out date freedom" and sell those students "ice cream."

But, Republicans like Messer sell the "ice cream" of lower tax rates for our top 1% "makers" and "job creators" all of the time. In fact, not unexpectedly, the IRS non-scandal is being parlayed as we speak to demand a reform of the evil-IRS tax code. Remember what I told you about "broadening the base and lowering rates?"

The Republican recipe calls for reducing or eliminating tax breaks that benefit targeted taxpayers, and using all the additional revenue to reduce overall rates for everyone.

Naturally, the very wealthy will benefit the most from such a "recipe", plus the very wealthy will be able to reinstate any tax deductions they desire with their Army of Bribers, aka, "lobbyists" carrying bags of "free speech".....just as they did after the tax code was "reformed" during Uncle Ronnie's days.

While the very wealthy are eating the GOP, Tea-flavored "ice cream" of ever lower tax rates......these GOP Patriots insist on "personal-responsibility-spinach-eating-higher-student-loan-rates" for the same "children and grandchildren" who we're endlessly reminded are the very Americans being "immorally" burdened down with future national debt.

Is it the ignorance or the hypocrisy? Or...don't they even care anymore?



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