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The One Way To Stop The Crazies

By The Reverend Published: September 4, 2015

Carefully read Charles Krauthammer's latest at National Review and you'll find that he doesn't believe Hillary will be defeated next November. His piece, naturally, is full of bitterness.

We are unlikely to get a straight answer from Clinton. In fact, we may never get the real answer. So Clinton marches on regardless. Who is to stop her?

He goes on to suggest a Biden-Warren combo ticket could stop the HildaBeast. But even Krauthammer can't convince himself that's going to happen.

On the crazy-edge of anti-Hillary commentary, we find something that's, well, alicublog writer Roy Edroso so ably points out in a good bit of mockery. But the Pajamas Media article he so cleverly makes fun actually, I think, closer to what will happen when Hillary becomes the country's first woman president. Here's the premise....

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Conservative Base Anger Will Rise This Month

By The Reverend Published: September 3, 2015

Many conservative Christians long to be considered by others as a martyr for their faith. Today, a federal judge made Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, into a Christian martyr....

A defiant county clerk was sent to jail for contempt Thursday after insisting that her "conscience will not allow" her to follow a federal judge's orders to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

"God's moral law conflicts with my job duties," Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis told U.S. District Judge David Bunning. "You can't be separated from something that's in your heart and in your soul."

The judge said she left him with no alternative but to jail her, since fines alone would not change her mind. A federal marshal escorted her, without handcuffs, out of the courtroom.

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Political Suicide

By The Reverend Published: September 3, 2015

July 28th...

Sixty-three percent of Republican voters would support deporting the population of 11 million undocumented immigrants, according to a new CNN/ORC poll taken in the days following Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants being drug dealers and rapists.


Nearly half of Iowa Republican caucus-goers say Trump’s call for deporting all undocumented immigrants is a good idea, and nearly three quarters of Trump supporters say the same. By contrast, those who support any candidate other than Trump think mass deportations is a bad idea by 45-40.

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Is It Really Open Season On Cops?

By The Reverend Published: September 2, 2015

I realize that perception is all that seems to matter in modern America....facts be damned. But reality is reality in my matter how inconvenient reality seems to be.

Currently there is a significant effort underway by perception-creating folks to make Americans believe that there is a "war on cops" underway in the country.

Here are three, of many, examples of those perception-creation efforts.....

Greta Van Sustern.....

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Absolving Nature's God

By The Reverend Published: September 2, 2015

Think of it as a smart business move. The Catholic Church depends on what I have always referred to as "biological evangelism" to maintain their membership base.

The primary distinction between the Catholic and the Protestant forms of Christianity is found in the two sects differing views on "grace." Both sects agree that god's grace, or "unmerited favor", is redemptively offered to human sinners. But while Protestants believe that god's grace (forgiveness and acceptance) comes via faith alone, Catholics believe that god's grace comes via participation in the church's sacraments.

It is through participation in these seven sacraments of the Catholic Church that god's grace is dispensed and secured by sinful man.... Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony.

While I have no reason to doubt that the Pope was sincere in his announcement yesterday granting absolution to women from their "sin" of choosing an abortion, at the same time, the Catholic Church depends on new births within its membership to maintain their church-business. Whereas Protestants most often maintain their church memberships via conversion (accepting Jesus as personal saviour), Catholics maintain their membership through "biological evangelism." If that seems offensive, stop reading now.

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How Deep & Talented Is That GOP Bench?

By The Reverend Published: September 1, 2015

I've read numerous times how the 17 Republican candidates currently running for the 2016 GOP presidential nominee comprise a "deep, talented bench."

“This is an extraordinarily deep bench that has a lot of accomplishments under its belt,..."

Heard most often....The Republican field this election season is perhaps the greatest pool of talent we’ve ever had.

However, as some snark-artists have been snarking recently, there may be 17 channels of GOP candidates to choose from but there's nothing worth watching on any of them. Of course, I agree with that snark.....which, when you give it some thought, is not snark at all, it's reality.

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Summer Of Trump To Give Way To Trump Autumn

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2015

Tomorrow ushers in the end of what the Very Smart have been calling 'this summer's silly political season.' The idea behind the Villagers flippant dismissal of what's taken place over the summer is that....sure, Trump and other no-names may be basking under high GOP primary polling numbers now, but when the primary process kicks into gear "this fall", that will change.

Allow me to smash that meme into the smithereens it so richly deserves.

First....the reason that so few conservative base voters are refusing to support any name-brand GOP politician for the presidential nomination is because of this perspective from the wingnut right.....

To call Republican leaders useless would imply that they are, in fact, doing nothing on behalf of their core constituency. It’s worse than that. Republican leaders seem to be doing their most to fight against their own base.

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Sadness, Bewilderment Encompasses GOP Village

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2015

Ross Douthat of the NY Times...

In an unhealthy system, the kind I suspect we inhabit, the Republicans will find a way to crush Trump without adapting to his message. In which case the pressure the Donald has tapped will continue to build — and when it bursts, the G.O.P. as we know it may go with it.

I spent the weekend with the in-laws, many of whom are center-right Republican voters. Naturally, no one in the family is deranged enough to delve into the details of our political hellscape as I typically do....most prefer talking sports. But....less than 5 minutes after having arrived....and without any prompting or taunting from me....the name "Trump" came up.

I found the responses by the two staunchest conservative members in the family, let's say, informative. Although never exactly stated this way.....the first response to Trump's Kong-like status in the GOP primary contest seemed to be....embarrassment. Embarrassment, especially in a group setting, is often papered over with humor and laughter...and so we yukked it up over The Donald, his pouty face gracing the Time magazine cover next to me on the coffee table.

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Kong Ransacking GOP Village

By The Reverend Published: August 27, 2015

Jorge Ramos is called the Walter Cronkite of Latino America. His news shows are watched by 2 million Latinos every day. Ramos is the guy Donald Trump had escorted from the room at the start of a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday. Trump told Ramos to "go back to Univision."

Who is Jorge Ramos?

The 57-year-old has anchored "Noticiero Univision," Spanish-language TV's No.1-ranked newscast, for nearly three decades and is considered a trusted source of news. A 2010 study by the Pew Hispanic Center found that among Latinos, Ramos was the second-most recognized Latino leader behind Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and other polls have shown he is one of the most trusted public figures among Latinos.

Here's a TalkingPointsMemo commenter paraphrasing what Donald Trump was communicating to all U.S. Hispanics when he had the popular Latino-American journalist Jorge Ramos removed from his press conference the other evening....

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Not Merely A Man, Or A GOP Candidate.....Trump Is Kong

By The Reverend Published: August 26, 2015

For months, Mika and Blow earned their keep on the 3 hour Morning Republicans program by all-but fellating the Outlaw Jersey Whale, aka Chris Christie. Nary a discouraging word against the now GOP-polling-ass-dragger was ever tolerated without a swift, and stern, rebuttal.

The reason that all happened on the "liberal" MSNBC morning program is because the program exists to fluff Republicans and the Republican Party.

Because of Christie's, well, total collapse....Blow and Mika have been anxiously awaiting the Next Big Republican Candidate so they could begin fluffing and shilling for him/her too. Now, they have found their man, the guy who will rescue the dying-on-the-vine GOP....The Donald.

This morning, as seen in this MSNBC Blow segment entitled "Trump clashes with reporter: who was wrong?".....both fluffers, Mika and Blow....and don't forget Willie Butt-Boy Geist......pledged their love and affection to their new GOP man. Do watch the video segment.....just have a barf-bag handy.

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