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House GOP In Closed Loop Cycle Of Doom

By The Reverend Published: October 6, 2015

“No, no. He’s absolutely flat-out wrong,” (Utah GOP U.S. Rep Jason) Chaffetz told reporters on Monday when asked if he would make the same no-shutdown promise as (GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell. “If he wants to say that for his body great. I’m not giving up on anything there."

“We told them if we get the House, we can play defense on the Obama administration. If we get the Senate, we can play offense. And they haven’t seen those bills get to the president’s desk,” Chaffetz continued.

“I’m frustrated, and I am not going to lose any negotiating power and admit defeat before we’ve even started.”

That from the guy who led the Planned Parent Inquisition from his perch as Chair of the House Oversight Committee. You should take the time to watch Chaffetz start the amazingly infuriating Inquisition of Cecile Richards if you haven't already.....the Utah extremist, not kidding, sounds and looks like a person suffering from a rather nasty bi-polar problem. Off meds perhaps? On meds? Who would know? The guy is a total wreck.

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It's The Guns

By The Reverend Published: October 5, 2015

Do you think that mental illness is a universal human race problem....or a problem which uniquely plagues Americans?

Following the Oregon gun-slaughter, Republican Clown Candidates and those in Congress who work as sales reps for the NRA braced themselves for questions over gun regulations. Because guns don't kill people, people kill people.....the guns part of any gun-slaughter in the U.S. is off-limits for discussion by Republicans.

And so, when Fat Tony Christie was asked by George Stephanopolous yesterday whether tighter gun regulations might help in reducing the number of mass gun-slaughters America experiences....Fat Tony quickly dismissed any such notion and focused, instead, on mental illness....

"...I’m very concerned about the mental health side of this and I put forward a proposal to the legislature last year and then again just about seven or eight weeks ago in response to a bill they sent saying, let’s do some tough things on mental health,” Christie replied. “Let’s make involuntary commitment of people who speak violently easier for doctors.”

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Look, Shite Happens

By The Reverend Published: October 4, 2015

The latest Pew poll has Jeb Bush at 4% and in 6th place among all the other GOP Clown Candidates. Jeb! donors are really getting nervous. You may recall that I never believed Jeb Bush would run for the GOP Clown nomination in the first place. Jeb is now finding out first hand why some on the progressive side of things never thought he had a chance of becoming THIS Republican Party's presidential nominee.

Bush has "establishment Republican" embedded in his forehead. The Tea ragers...just in case you haven't noticed...really hate establishment Republicans right now....and are looking for anyone who is not part of the political system to represent them next November.

But I must say....despite the cold shoulder from the ragers....Jeb has been just terrible at campaigning. John Ellis Bush has been touted as the smarter brother of George W. If that is so, it hasn't translated well. Jeb just seems indifferent and even mildly annoyed on the campaign if the process, itself, is beneath his stature as the son of a dynastic family.

What has surprised about Jeb is his apparent lack of discipline. The former Florida governor just keeps saying stupid stuff which he, then, has had to try to defend or justify immediately after he says it. His brother "kept us safe", "people need to work longer hours", "anchor babies", etc.

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How Rubio Is Laying Low

By The Reverend Published: October 3, 2015

Politico's Glenn Thrush....

Here are five reasons why so many pundits, campaign pros and reporters bet on Rubio eventually winning the nomination, despite his shortcomings. Full disclosure: I have wagered on Rubio – but only for $5.

When you see the words "group think", the above sentence is what is being referenced. Politico is King of Village Media (see Morning Blow, any weekday morning), and Village Media is betting on a Boy Marco v Hillary presidential contest.

I can't bear going through each of Thrush's, I think, foolish, "5 reasons" why Rubio will be the final contestant in the Great GOP Clown Spectacular of 2015-16,...however, I do need to comment on this from Politico's Mr.Thrush...

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There Has Never Been A U.S. "War On Terror"

By The Reverend Published: October 3, 2015

Need a straight-to-the-point primer on the Syrian situation? Read this one. Robert Parry explains the two options that please-both-sides Obama has been juggling....

Despite the misleading reporting by The New York Times, CNN and other major U.S. news outlets, the realistic options are quite stark: either work with Russia, Iran and the Syrian military to beat back the Sunni jihadists in Syria (while seeking a power-sharing arrangement in Damascus that includes Assad and some of his U.S.-backed political rivals) — or take the side of Al Qaeda and other Sunni extremists, including the Islamic State, with the goal of removing Assad and hoping that the mythical “moderate” rebels might finally materialize and somehow wrest control of Damascus.

This is also important to keep in mind....

In September 2013, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, then a close adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told the Jerusalem Post that Israel favored the Sunni extremists over Assad.

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What Will Be Politicized

By The Reverend Published: October 2, 2015

Not a lot of information available yet on the Oregon man who carried out yet another mass gun-slaughter yesterday at a community college near Roseburg. However, if this CNN report is anyway near accurate, we're going to be hearing a lot soon about how U.S. Christians are being targeted in the Homeland.

The shooter has now been identified as 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer. Like many mass shooters, Mercer came prepared....

....the shooter had body armor with him and was heavily armed, with a large amount of ammunition -- enough for a prolonged gunfight. Authorities recovered three pistols and one rifle at the scene, one official said.

Police shot and killed Mercer. It still is not clear whether Mercer was a student at the community college. From Mercer's Facebook page....

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WSJ: Al Qaeda Affiliate Nusra Front...."Moderate Faction"

By The Reverend Published: October 1, 2015


"Other nations have been bombing Syrian territory for over a year,” Putin told the Russian human rights council on Thursday, stressing that the US-led coalition invades the Syrian airspace with no UN mandate or invitation from Damascus.

“We have such an invitation and we intend to fight against terrorist organizations and them only,” Putin added.

U.S. propaganda:

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Always Pretending...

By The Reverend Published: October 1, 2015

Last night, 151 House Republicans voted against keeping the government funded. As expected, House Democrats unanimously joined the remaining Republicans to pass a "clean" continuing budget resolution....which will expire on December 11.

By December, the House will have a new Speaker. Kevin McCarthy of California and current House majority leader is still being touted as the person to replace Boehner.

Here is what McCarthy told the odious Sean Hannity the other night...

"Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee," McCarthy said Tuesday on Fox News's "Hannity."

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Burning Down The House

By The Reverend Published: September 30, 2015

I'm not sure whether it was the Boehner resignation announcement that invigorated the likes of Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) to behave like such arseholes at yesterday's congressional committee stunt-Inquisition of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. Taking scalps of your own tribe, I've heard, can really be exhilarating....and perhaps committee Republicans were still high yesterday on the afterglow of the Boehner political-kill. alternative view could be that these House GOP pricks are angry over the impotent fecklessness of their own congressional majority to defund Planned Parenthood....and like schoolyard punk-asses, picked out a "girl" to punish for their own shortcomings.

Could be either....or a little of both....but readers should watch some of the exchanges to get a feel for where the Boehnerless House of Representatives is headed.

The Village has been reporting that there is a "feeling of dread" inside the Beltway after the forced-resignation of John Boehner. Yesterday's House committee spectacle was Exhibit A on why that is the case.

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UN Theater

By The Reverend Published: September 29, 2015

Real Clear Politics has Trump nationally among Republican voters with but a 6.4% lead over Big Ben Carson....23.4% to Carson's 17%. Trump, Carson and Fiorina, collectively, still account for 52% of all Republican voters polled.

The Hill has a piece up reporting on Trump's tax plan. The headline? "Trump plan slashes taxes for middle class, businesses." A plan to eliminate the estate tax altogether, and reduce the top income tax rate from 39.6% on income over $300K+ to 25%....that's TWENTY FIVE a plan that "slashes taxes for the middle class." My ass.

Remember when the Bushies made the decision to take out Saddam Hussein's government so that Jeffersonian "freedom" could break out in Iraq? Worked out well, didn't it? And then there was Obama's "humanitarian" effort in Libya taking out Muammar Gadaffi because.....well....hell if I know. How's it going today in Libya? 

Libya is now a stateless anarchy since various tribes and militias are declaring their own sort-of states in various parts of the country. NATO interventionism and US Hegemony has totally wrecked Libya and Libya as one of the recent casualty of the so-called “Arab Spring” turned out as hell-hole of internecine, civil, regional and tribal wars instead of establishing “democracy” in Libyan soil.

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