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Signs Of Life....And Death

By The Reverend Published: May 2, 2016

First on this Monday, take a look at the best thing that came out of the White House Correspondent's event. Bill O'Reilly's 'dunce on the street' Jesse Watters, a guy who kind of ambushes people on the street so Papa Bill can air the videos on his Old White Men program to "prove" how dumb average Americans are....primarily young people... got a taste of his own disgustingly juvenile medicine when HuffPo's Ryan Grim pretended to be "ambushing" Watters with his cell phone during an afterparty party.

Watters snatched Grim's phone, stuck it in his pocket...and as you might imagine....Grim didn't take too kindly to that move....and a fight between the two broke out. Well, not really a fight. An authentic fight would have left, you know, marks, and there would have been EMT's called, etc. But, at least, some tables and chairs were knocked over in the dustup.

Some may disagree....but I thought the brief melee was just about the only sign of "real" life to come out of the entire evening. Sure, the evening had everyone in the audience laughing and having a great time...some, not many, good joke lines were offered up...but most importantly, the evening's gaiety helped to relax the Beltway Bunch so they could return to their day jobs refreshed.....and ready to come up with new ways to lie and deceive the American population.


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Geroge Will Wants A 50 State Trump Loss

By The Reverend Published: May 1, 2016

Here's the latest George Will advice for conservative/Republican voters who really dislike Donald Trump.....

...this is a time for prudence, which demands the prevention of a Trump presidency.

Were he (Trump) to be nominated, conservatives would have two tasks. One is to help him lose 50 states.....

Not something one would expect from a bowtied bastard who has spent his entire adult life camouflaging the pile of shite which is the modern Republican Party. For decades, Will has proudly sprayed his bathroom deodorizing vocabulary over HIS Republican Party in order to mask the stench...shredding what little credibility he ever had in the process.

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Trump's Great Big....Victim Card

By The Reverend Published: April 30, 2016

As the winter wound down in 2009, Americans were confronted with a "new" conservative protest movement calling itself the Tea Party. Barack Obama had just been inaugurated as the nation's first black president and many white conservative/Republicans saw the election of Obama as a threat to white-majority control in the "melting pot" of the United States.

This Tea Party protest group pretended that what motivated them to be protesting a presidency which had barely even started was that they were T.axed E.nough A.lready. I found the taxed enough already thing to be quite silly because federal income tax rates at the time were at the lowest rates they had been in a generation or more. The Tea Party's mantra, however, I think, exposed the rationale behind the conservative protest group. "Taking Our Country Back"...was their motto.

White conservative Tea Party members were all about taking THEIR country back from, given the timing of the beginning of their movement, the black guy whose historic presidency reminded them that white-majority America's days were numbered.

My point here is that white conservatives who formed and made up the Tea Party saw themselves as....victims...of social, cultural and demographic changes in America which they could not control. The black Obama making his home in THEIR White House was a symbol to these white conservatives that their fears of becoming victims in THEIR own country were being realized.

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Playing The Dick Card

By The Reverend Published: April 30, 2016

It was just Tuesday that I wrote this....

So, when Trump "slips" and calls Hillary a bitch, or something comparable, corporate-whore media members will yuk it up, explaining how nothing Trump can say will hurt his chances because: he's Trump. When Donald points back to the Bill Clinton 90's and blames Hillary for her husband's consensual sex improprieties, fluffer-media will say it is all "fair game."

Two days later, at the "liberal" CBS website......

On the face of it, insulting your way to the presidency seems like a stupid, unworkable idea. Then again, Clinton has shown herself vulnerable to attacks on her character, not to mention her husband's.

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Greed-Addiction & It's Enablers

By The Reverend Published: April 29, 2016

I just heard Joe Scarborough talking about Trump rallies. He pooh-poohed what he called the "shiny objects" of wall building and banning Muslims which have been the keys to building Trump's following and actually said that Trump rallies are all about "economics".

I suppose, then, that what all those white males with high school diplomas who support Trump are so excited about is lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, eliminating the estate tax for a few thousand billionaire families and making sure that living billionaires, who are being treated unfairly under the current 39.6% income tax rate, find relief with a 25% top income tax rate.

In other words.....what Scarborough said is total foolishness. But Scarborough's anticipated Big Trump-Ratings Bonus depends on the former GOP congressman spouting foolish things and deceiving audiences.

The prickish MSNBC host went on to say that it was important for "mainstream" Republicans to figure out why Trump is succeeding "because guess what, they're (entitlements) going to bankrupt us, it's simple, we're going to be bankrupt as a nation if we don't take that head on."

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The Authentic Donald

By The Reverend Published: April 29, 2016

In a feature piece for the May/June edition of Politico Magazine, five authors who have written books about Donald Trump took a conversational interview with two Politico writers. The interview is found here...and it is worth reading in it's entirety.

The introduction...

Want to know where Trump inherited his entrepreneurial bent? Gwenda Blair traces it to his grandfather, who ran a series of restaurants in the Klondike that featured some of the best food in town, as well as private areas where “sporting ladies” could “entertain” miners. Who was really doing the deals that made Trump famous? Wayne Barrett will tell you the only signature that really mattered on a contract belonged to Trump’s father, Fred. What broke up Trump’s first marriage? Harry Hurt III writes that Ivana “confided to female friends that Donald had difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.” How did a man who came perilously close to personal financial ruin sell himself as a master dealmaker? By exaggerating everything, including his net worth, which Timothy O’Brien revealed was far less than advertised. And if you wonder what now drives Trump’s pursuit of the White House, Michael D’Antonio has argued it’s the same deep neediness he felt as a child and that has fueled every business deal and attention-chasing stunt since then.

I've cherry picked statements for that interview which stood out to me. The statements below each stand on their own and so I've labeled them with small case letters....

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Follow The Hate

By The Reverend Published: April 28, 2016

Former CNN'er, Campbell Brown, not a favorite of mine, explains why teevee "news" anchors Joe and Mika, and, and, and.....have been all smiles this election season....

I believe Trump’s candidacy is largely a creation of a TV media that wants him, or needs him, to be the central character in this year’s political drama.

I know from personal experience that it is common practice for TV anchors to have substantial bonuses written into their contracts if they hit ratings marks. With this 2016 presidential soap opera, they are almost surely hitting those marks.

See that "substantial bonuses" part? Now, what have I been telling you? When greed incentives are offered to people who are supposed to be accurately informing the U.S. public about what is vital for them to know.....then how can we trust anything those "news" outlets offer? Answer: We can't.

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The Foreign Policy Speech That Wasn't

By The Reverend Published: April 27, 2016

The narrative I've learned from the angry, angry conservatives who support Donald Trump's candidacy has been that, for some unexplained reason, what America needs in a president today is someone who is an outsider. Someone who is not a politician. Someone who is not part of the Washington establishment. Someone who has no experience that would qualify him/her for the job of the presidency.

I've never understood that narrative. It just sounded stupid. In no other aspect of life would a mentally capable person even try to make an argument like that.

Today, Donald Trump gave what had been touted would be a "foreign policy" speech. It wasn't. I encourage readers here to take the time to read what Trump said....and see what an outsider, with absolutely no experience or understanding about foreign policy, sounds like.

I am not kidding in the least when I explain to you that Trump's speech didn't even rise to the level of any typical junior high schooler. No specifics....just politicized gibberish. No speech continuity...instead, disjointed, stream-of-consciousness randomness. Trump used a teleprompter but it didn't help. If Trump actually wrote the speech, then he is a complete moron who no one should ever take seriously.

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Today's Hoot: "Trump Message Undermines GOP Orthodoxy"

By The Reverend Published: April 27, 2016

The only surprise from last night's 5 state primaries was the margin of Trump's wins. Trump's SMALLEST margin of victory was 29% in Connecticut. In all five GOP contests Trump took over 50% of the vote. The words "presumptive GOP nominee" are now being strewn about. Not everywhere, of course. Over at Erick Erickson's flat-earth society, there's this...

Regardless of what Trump says, what the press echoes, and what the millions of Trump Twitter followers relentlessly spew, the race is not over, and Trump is not the “presumptive nominee.”

After Trump's win in New York, I had calculated that Trump would need to capture slightly over 53% of all remaining delegates to reach 1237. The Donald now has 954 delegates....he needs 283 more out of a total of 616 state GOP delegates still remaining to be claimed in primary contests....which means that Trump now has to win 46% of all remaining delegates to capture the GOP nomination before Cleveland.

After New York, I said Trump's path to the nomination seemed doable. Now I think it's probable.

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Here's What Is Disgusting

By The Reverend Published: April 26, 2016

I've had four surgeries since 2002. All at Summa facilities. The folks who work for Summa in Akron....are wonderful. Others may have had different experiences. For me, I can't praise the doctors, nurses, specialists, aides, etc...enough.

Okay, enough gushiness.

Time for a Percocet-assisted bout of ranting.

I took in the Morning Trump show today on MSNBC. Bernie Sanders did a short interview with the Trump devotees who host the program. Mika asked Bernie about his campaign "hurting the Democratic party" with his "heated rhetoric" over Hillary Clinton's judgment on foreign interventionism and other issues. The questions from, and the demeanor of, Blow. Mika, Willie, and Mark Halperin were so condescending and dismissive....I wanted to break some faces.

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