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Two Separate And Distinct Trump-Russian Scandals

By The Reverend Published: April 5, 2017

This McClatchy article is today's must-read, that is, if you are interested in looking ahead to see where the Trump/Russian investigation is headed. Most journalists have been focusing on the possible coordination of Trump associates with Russians who intentionally interfered during the campaign for the express purpose of making Donald Trump our nation's president. That's where the attention has been focused, and rightfully so.

Unless one is willing to accept the notion that the too-many-to-keep-track-of Trump campaign associates' meetups with Russian officials last year is simply Mega-Lotto-winning-odds random coincidence.....there really doesn't seem like there is a credible explanation to justify those numerous meetups. Additionally, the snoops at the FBI have been investigating those numerous meetups since last July in what Comey labeled a "counterterrorism", those Trump/Russian meetups are being taken seriously.

I think at this moment in time there are two possible scandal points in the Trump/Russian....thing. The first scandal point is the strong possibility that the release of Russian hacked Podesta/DNC emails was strategically timed for maximum political damage to Mrs. Clinton during last year's campaign. I think it is very possible that the amoral, dead-inside Roger Stone, or similar Trump stooge, while perhaps not coordinating with Russians directly, assisted those who were handed Russian hacked emails, in the precise timing of when those emails were made public.

The most damaging-to-Hillary releases were made in late July in between the close of the Republican Convention and the start of the Democratic Convention....and again starting at the first of October, when almost daily releases of even more emails took place right up to November 8th.

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"Unmasking"....The New Benghazi

By The Reverend Published: April 4, 2017

The following take by Josh Marshall on what will surely become Obama's "unmasking" scandal....fits perfectly with what Republicans did over Benghazi...

My read on Eli Lake's story about Susan Rice 'unmasking' Trump transition officials is that it's a rather elaborate attempt to make a scandal out of something that isn't scandalous at all.

"something that isn't scandalous at all"....That was exactly what Benghazi was. A tragic event in a chaotic country where 4 Americans lost their lives in what was a surprise attack on a makeshift CIA outpost. Republicans took that tragic event and exploited those four deaths for purely political reasons. And they did so from the close of 2012 until after Trump was chosen as the president in 2016.

Obama NSA chief, Susan Rice, became the target of Republican political exploitation of those four deaths....and through osmosis, also Hillary Clinton...because both had mentioned the anti-Muslim video which was circulating in Muslim countries at the time of the Benghazi attack, and which had motivated violent protests in a few of those countries. Although the NY Times reported afterwards that, indeed, the anti-Muslim video had also played a role in the Benghazi attack....Rice and Clinton were accused for almost four continuous years by Republicans of intentionally lying about what motivated the Benghazi attack. Numerous mindless GOP investigations ensued.

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Personal Accountability

By The Reverend Published: April 4, 2017

Fox News and O’Reilly have paid about $13 million since 2002 to five women to settle complaints about the anchor’s behavior.

O’Reilly would offer advice and act as a mentor, promising to help out professionally. Then he would pursue the women sexually, either through lewd comments and conversations or straight up unwanted advances. Those who rejected him often saw their career prospects at Fox News vanish overnight. The network appears to have often chosen to look away.

How did Fox "news" reward Bill O'Reilly for that bad, and expensive, behavior?

Fox News has reportedly renewed the contract of longtime host Bill O'Reilly despite recent sexual harassment settlements, according to a Sunday Wall Street Journal report.

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Dems Compel Rebs To Blow Up The Senate, Country

By The Reverend Published: April 3, 2017

As predicted here months ago, the Republican-controlled Senate will vote sometime this week to eliminate the 60-vote rule for approving Supreme Court nominees. I've never believed there would be any other outcome from the moment on the evening of November 8th that Trump was projected to be the winner of the presidential election.

In the bloodless battle to overthrow the federal government as we've known it, Republicans are about to rack up a major victory. Yes, Senate Democrats have fought valiantly against the enemies of the U.S. government, something I was uncertain about until today. A few turncoat Senate ConservaDems have joined the rebels....but enough Dems have committed to filibustering Neil Gorsuch's nomination to force the hand of the Republicans..setting the stage for Big Mitch and his 1st Cavalry Rebel Bitches to take their second unprecedented action in regard to the Supreme Court in less than 13 months.

Actually, Mitch McConnell made the decision to gut the Senate filibuster for Supreme Court nominees just over a year ago when he pulled from deep within his former-segregation state bowels the surprise-ambush plan to deny even considering a sitting president's Supreme Court nominee, a sitting president with 10 months left in his second term.

Senate Republicans have also been setting the stage for blaming Democrats for their Supreme Court ambush-mission. And the political-war correspondents will help out in that Republican effort. Even though Democrats preserved the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees in 2013...because they removed the filibuster for lower court appointments in the face of record-breaking obstruction by the enemies of the federal government...the nuance of the distinction will be immediately tossed overboard by those in the Village who bow the knee to the religion of Both-Sides. In fact, it is already happening.

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Will America Become A Fake News Nation?

By The Reverend Published: April 3, 2017

The Donald administration has plans to cut taxes, the bulk of which will benefit the already-wealthy. Trump also has appointed an opponent of public school systems, Betsy DeVos, to lead the nation in an effort to greatly increase the number of vouchers and charter schools.

The Columbus Dispatch, known by the locals as the "DogPatch", a newspaper I've read many times and which does not favor all....reports on the success of both tax cuts for the wealthy and draining funding away from public schools to hand to private, often religious, charter schools and voucher programs....

Job growth in Ohio last year fell to its lowest point since 2010 — the year before Kasich took office — with 38,500 jobs created, or about half of the 77,300 jobs the state gained in 2015.

Seven years after ranking fifth in the nation, Ohio’s education system tumbled to 22nd among the 50 states and District of Columbia, according to the January 2017 national Quality Counts report card by Education Week, an education trade newspaper.

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Republicans Vote For Full-Spectrum Internet Surveillance

By The Reverend Published: April 2, 2017

Would it be acceptable, or legal, in exceptional America for government contractors to follow you around all day and keep a written log of every move you made.....all without a judicial warrant?

What if those private government contractors, after following you 24/7 and after keeping a minute-by-minute log of your every move...all without a judicial warrant....then, sold those logs for profit to the highest bidders? Would that be acceptable?

Congressional Republicans think it is perfectly acceptable for government regulated contractors to do just that....and they made their acceptance of such a for-profit spying operation known when they passed a law last week allowing your Internet Service Provider to sell your internet browser history. The bill awaits Donald's signature.

Not one Democrat, in either congressional chamber, voted in favor of the bill to permit ISP's to sell Americans' internet browsing histories. Insert "there's not a dime's worth of difference in the two political parties" Congressional Republicans just went on the record in favor of monopolistic internet service provider's logging Americans' web histories, bundling those histories together, and selling them to who-knows-who to fatten the bottom lines of their monopolies. Republicans did that....and without any help from any Democrats.

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Every Day Is April Fool's Day Now

By The Reverend Published: April 1, 2017

There would be an April Fool's blog post here today...but April Fool's Day, limited as it has been to one 24 hour period of the year, stifled the freedom of real Americans to be fooled each and every day...and therefore, has been discontinued.

Lately, I've been focusing so much on the slowly unraveling story of the Trump-Russian U.S. presidency that I've failed to address other atrocities being intentionally carried out by the Republican revolutionaries who now control Washington.

With the dismal failure of Republican efforts to defund federal monies to Planned Parenthood in the Trump-Ryan AHCA piece...of legislation....GOP congressional revolutionaries passed a targeted bill on Thursday to permit states to divert federal funds designated for other uses.

For the second time in only 12 weeks, VP Mike Pence had to cast a tie breaking vote in the Senate to pass the new measure by a 51-50 margin.

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Signs Of Guilt

By The Reverend Published: March 31, 2017

The AP...

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is in discussions with the House and Senate intelligence committees on receiving immunity from "unfair prosecution" in exchange for agreeing to be questioned as part of ongoing probes into possible contacts between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, his attorney says.

You'll have to excuse my snark, but....does the above mean that Mike Flynn doesn't want immunity from a "fair prosecution"...just an "unfair" one? It's all so confusing.

On cue, the dimwit president, responding to the Flynn news, adds to the confusion...

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Why You Don't Hire Stupid, Incompetent Clowns

By The Reverend Published: March 30, 2017

NY Times, today...

A pair of White House officials played a role in providing Representative Devin Nunes of California, a Republican and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, with the intelligence reports that showed that President Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies.

Several current American officials identified the White House officials as Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, and Michael Ellis, a lawyer who works on national security issues at the White House Counsel’s Office and formerly worked on the staff of the House Intelligence Committee.

Mr. Cohen-Watnick is a former Defense Intelligence Agency official who was originally brought to the White House by Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser.

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The Republicans Role In The Cover Up

By The Reverend Published: March 30, 2017

The House Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump-Russian coordination, an investigation led by comrade Devin Nunes, has lost all credibility. So, now it's the Senate Intelligence Committee's turn. Here's the happy-talk being spewed in the Village about how that Senate investigation will be on the up and up, and not partisan, like Nunes' investigation....

As the House probe continued its collapse into a partisan shouting match Wednesday, Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr and his Democratic counterpart, Mark Warner, stepped into the spotlight to present a stark contrast. Their message? We are the adults in the room.

The two senators delivered a bravura bipartisan performance at their first joint press conference, complimenting each other and vowing to bridge their political differences to get to the bottom of what Burr called one of the most important investigations in his 22-year tenure in Congress.

That's what is often referred to as...happy horseshite.

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