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Akron council passes resolution objecting to 2 state early voting laws

By Stephanie Warsmith Published: March 4, 2014

Akron City Council passed a resolution this week objecting to two state early voting laws and urging the Ohio Democratic Party to challenge them in federal court.

The laws, recently adopted by the legislature and signed by Gov. John Kasich, reduce the early voting period -- getting rid of the period when people can both register and cast an absentee ballot -- and limit who can mail absentee ballot applications.

"These are just restrictive, suppressive measures," said Councilwoman Linda Omobien.

The Ohio Democratic Party plans to challenge the laws, sending an email out Monday seeking financial support for the expense.

Omobien said early voting generally favors Democratic voters. She thinks voters should be free to vote when they want.

"This is America," she said. "It's not a Third World country."

Council unanimously adopted the resolution.



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