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Ohio Politics

Angry audience, angry Batchelder at the House Wednesday

By Doug Published: March 31, 2011

After the Ohio House approved Senate Bill 5, opponents in the audience shouted repeatedly as House members attempted to conduct routine business. House Speaker William Batchelder, R-Medina, became angry, swore at one point as a House member asked for a point of privilege to honor a friend, and then made a reference to the departing protestors as "intellectuals."

The vote occurs at 220 minutes into this state government television archived video of the House. At that point the shouting begins and Batchelder summons the Ohio State Patrol to clear the hall.
Batchelder's exasperation with the audience occurs at about 224 minutes.

In the Senate, much of the audience is directly behind the members. Video of the Senate debate and vote on the bill shows the members talking directly to the audience, which becomes loud at times.

The vote begins at minute marker 66:20 in the video. Shouting makes it difficult to hear, prompting the Senate President to ask for removal of anyone who disrupts the voting.



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