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Ohio Politics

Boehner becomes Ohio's third House Speaker

By Doug Published: November 3, 2010

Republican John Boehner will become Ohio's third Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Previous speakers, both Republicans, are:
J. Warren Kiefer, 1881-83
Nicholas Longworth, 1925-31

Of the last 100 years, Republicans have held the Speaker's seat only 28. The Speaker to have served the most years was Sam Rayburn of Texas, who served intermittently for a total of about 17 years.

Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times today reports that Boehner takes his new post facing an electorate that wanted to bounce incumbents but with no clear message about how to proceed, with the exception of one.

Indeed, Mr. Boehner and his party were delivered no clear mandate from voters, who, polls suggested, were rejecting a policy agenda more than they were rallying around one. One demand resonated loudly: the reduction of federal spending immediately, a daunting goal. Yet, among the first things that Mr. Boehner has said he will seek to accomplish are reversing cuts to the Medicare program and extending the expiring Bush-era tax cuts, steps that are hard to reconcile with a commitment to reining in the national debt.

Richard E. Cohen of Politico says Boehner may be the right person for such a contentious time.

He knows how to lose he was ousted in 1998 from the no. 4 GOP leadership spot by Tom DeLay-led revolt, and many political observers thought his career was over. Today, Boehner is the Speaker-elect and DeLay is on trial in Texas.

And he knows how to legislate athe worked with Ted Kennedy and President George W. Bush on the landmark No Child Left Behind bill. He's a conservative but not a bomb throwing ideologue who sees the other side as the enemy.



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