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Ohio Politics

Dems introduce bill to allow recall of governor and others

By Doug Published: April 6, 2011

Democratic State Reps. Mike Foley of Cleveland and Robert F. Hagan of Youngstown said they will introduce legislation next week that allows for the recall of statewide non-judicial office holders and members of the legislature.

In a joint release they said:

This bill will require a recall petition to be signed by a number of registered voters equal to 15% of the total vote for governor in the state or in a particular legislative district during the last general election. If the recall petition is turned in 150 days or less prior to a regularly scheduled election, the recall question will appear on the next regularly scheduled special or general election day. If it is filed more than 150 days prior to the next regularly scheduled election, then a special recall election date must be set by the Secretary of State. The special recall election would then occur within 30-40 days after the recall petition is certified.

They said 17 states have provisions for recalling elected officials.




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