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Ohio Politics

Do you know where your political contribution went?

By Doug Published: October 7, 2010

The Center for Public Intergity has conducted an investigation of political action committees, or PACs, and found that some are more likely to spend political contributions on vendors, the CEO and staff rather than pass money along to help favored candidates.

Out of more than $2 million spent since the start of 2007, just $13,500 of [Black America PAC's] money has gone to federal candidate contributions, with another $9,325 for state and local candidate donations. Combined, that amounts to a mere 1.14 percent of overall spending. Over the same period, the PAC's president received almost $200,000 in salary payments about 10 percent of the group's spending. And almost all of the rest went to fundraising expenses and other overhead.

Other PACs that the Center for Public Integrity said raised questions include Committee for a Democratic Future, Ohio's Future PAC, Americans Against Illegal Immigration PAC and Democratic Advancement PAC.



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