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Ohio Politics

FreedomWorks endorses Matt Lynch over U.S. Rep. David James in 14th District GOP race

By Stephanie Warsmith Published: March 20, 2014

FreedomWorks, a national group that supports the tea party, announced today its support for state Rep. Matt Lynch over U.S. Rep. David Joyce in the 14th District GOP primary.

"Matt Lynch has clear support of the grassroots activists across the district," Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks said in a news release.

Brandon called Joyce, R-Russell Township, a "bought-and-paid-for politician backed by the lobbying class and Republican establishment," and said Joyce enjoye support from unions and special interests.

Brandon announced FreedomWorks' support for Lynch during a rally in Bainbridge Township.

Kevin Benacci, Joyce's spokesman, called Joyce a "principled conservative" in a Wednesday post on Joyce's campaign website and credited Joyce for "stopping wasteful government spending, repealing 'Obamacare,' creating good jobs, protecting the Constitution and shrinking out nation's massive debt.



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