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Ohio Politics

Ganley and Sutton statements are misleading

By Doug Published: September 24, 2010

Two recent fact checks on political statements by Betty Sutton and opponent Tom Ganley in the 13th Congressional district race show that neither was totally truthful.

In an analysis by PolitiFact and the Plain Dealer, Sutton's recent advertisement was given the "Pants on fire" label for suggesting that Ganley wants to "cut the dickens" out of Social Security, Medicare and Veterans' benefits. The analysis showed that Sutton's claim is a distortion of a Ganley interview with Human Events, a conservative news site.

And of a Ganley claim that Sutton's signature program, "Cash for Clunkers" was a failure, the PolitiFact-Plain Dealer analysis suggests that his statement is a flip flop. A year earlier, his dealerships sold nearly 1,000 in the program, and he believed the program "really worked."

Ganley is running against incumbent Sutton in the xxx Congressional district, which stretches from Barberton to Lorain.



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