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Green mayor interested in added security

By admin Published: January 17, 2011

George W. Davis
Special to the Beacon Journal

Concerns over recent shootings directed at public officials in Arizona and Florida has prompted Green's mayor to consider beefing up security at meetings in his Summit County city.

Mayor Dick Norton has asked the City Council to consider adding security at future meetings, including gatherings of the community's school board.

Norton said he had been contemplating the idea of beefing up security for some time, but recent events have raised his concerns.

''We could go forever without such an incident, but I would feel [horrible] if something happened here,'' the mayor said.

Norton said he plans to talk with Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander, whose deputies are assigned to patrol in Green. He would also like to explore how much it would cost to have the deputies at the meetings.

Council President Joel Reed, who also chairs the safety committee, said he would like to see the topic discussed at the council's Feb. 8 meeting.

At-Large Councilwoman Lynda Smole said she's not sure such dramatic action is warranted.

''I don't think Green is prone to this,'' she said.

Smole said she is more concerned about large community gatherings where hundreds of people are in attendance.

Ward 2 Councilman Dave France said he would like to hear from the Sheriff's Office about whether officials think such security measures are warranted.



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