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Kasich's position on school funding stokes campaign

By Doug Published: September 22, 2010

Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich said in an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer that he would eliminate an evidenced-based model for school funding that was a key element in recent school funding reform, devised by State Rep. Stephen Dyer, D-Green, and Gov. Ted Strickland.

Dyer responded Tuesday with a telephonne conference with reporters, and both Dyer and Strickland plan a joint briefing today to respond.

Here's what the Enquirer said of the Kasich interview:

Kasich said that Strickland's "evidence-based" model for funding public education that targets funding to poorer districts and reduces reliance on local property taxes would be "gone" if he is elected governor, replaced by a system that frees school districts from unfunded mandates and can be paid within the limits of the state budget.

The Columbus Dispatch followed with a story that included response from Dyer:

"This new system is trying to figure out how much money we need and then commit to funding it," said Rep. Stephen Dyer, D-Green, who worked closely on molding the plan. "It's the only plan out there that has any hope of actually reducing the need for property-tax levies to pay for schools."



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