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Kasich's savings estimate of $1.3 billion for SB5 in question

By Doug Published: April 5, 2011

Opponents of the new law disagree

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that there are potential flaws in the Kasich administration's study that suggests Ohio will save $1.3 billion with Senate Bill 5, which curtails public unions, requires higher contributions to health and retirement benefits and removes pay steps based on longevity.

Reporter Aaron Marshall points out that the savings analysis of Senate Bill 5 was done by the governor's Department of Administrative Services rather than the Legislative Service Commission, which traditionally does non-partisan fiscal analysis of legislation.

He also quotes Sally Meckling, spokeswoman for the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association:

Meckling said most of the savings for local governments envisioned by the Kasich administration -- $989 million -- comes from elimination of step pay and longevity pay. But the state analysis doesn't individually examine the more than 3,200 different collectively bargaining contracts to arrive at the statewide cost-savings figure.

Marshall's complete story is available at the Plain Dealer's website.

The Columbus Dispatch's Jim Siegel also wrote that there are questions about the savings analysis.



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