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Ohio Politics

Senate budget plan strips new Ohio union law wording

By admin Published: May 31, 2011

Ann Sanner
Associated Press

COLUMBUS: Ohio senators want to strip wording from the state budget that closely mirrors provisions affecting teachers' pay already contained in the state's contentious new collective bargaining law.

The revision is among a host of proposed adjustments to the budget that Senate leadership announced Tuesday.

The House-passed budget bill would base teachers' salaries on performance and evaluations, instead of the current step increases. Senate President Tom Niehaus says the chamber wants to remove the provision to allow schools to honor any agreements made with teachers as part of federal Race to the Top grants.

Senators also point to a ballot repeal effort against the new law, which curtails the union rights of more than 350,000 public workers.

Opponents are collecting signatures in hopes of a vote this November.



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