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Ohio Politics

Senate GOP to throw out 78 Strickland appointees

By admin Published: December 21, 2010

Ann Sanner
Associated Press

COLUMBUS: The Ohio Senate is set to reject 78 of outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland's appointments to state boards and commissions.

Of those, more than half were submitted to the GOP-led Senate after Democrat Strickland lost the Nov. 2 election to Republican John Kasich.

A vote was expected Tuesday.

Senate President Bill Harris has said senators wanted to give Kasich the ability to appoint people to boards and commissions who share his policy views. It has been common practice for outgoing governors to use the appointment process to provide posts to those disenfranchised by the change in power.

Another 273 of Strickland's total 351 appointees were expected to be approved or allowed to keep their seats without objection.



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