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Ohio Politics

Summit County elections board deadlocks on use of non-partisans as poll workers

By Stephanie Warsmith Published: August 27, 2014

The Summit County elections board deadlocked this week on whether to use non-partisan voters as poll workers in the next year.

The Democratic board members, who have used non-partisans in the past in areas where they couldn't find partisans to work in elections, wanted to use non-partisans. The Republicans, who think only voters who are affiliated with one of the parties should be used, have avoided employing non-partians.

State law says elections board may not draw more than half of their pollworkers from the same political party.

Secretary of State Jon Husted will break the board's tie vote.

Elections board employees recently mailed applications to 9,000 voters who live in areas where poll workers are needed to see if they would be interested in serving. They received applications from 350 people, who were split about 50/50 Democrat and Republican.



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