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Ohio Politics

Tom Z meeting with head of Constitution Party

By Stephanie Warsmith Published: May 2, 2013

Could the tea party and Constitution Party potentially join forces or create a new conservative party in Ohio?

Tom Zawistowski, the head of the Portage County Tea Party who lost his bid to become chairman of the Ohio Republican Party last week, is exploring this possibility. He warned that his failure to head the state party could result in a third party being formed.

Zawistowski said he will meet with Don Schrader, chairman of the Ohio Constitution Party, Saturday. He said the two of them will "talk about the possibilities."

"We have numerous other options to consider and I and other liberty leaders around the state will be exploring them all over the next month or so," Zawistowski said in a news release.

Zawistowski paraphrased Ronald Reagan, saying, "We are not leaving the Republican Party. The Republican Party has left us." 



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