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Ohio Politics

Two early voting proposals pass Ohio house committee

By Stephanie Warsmith Published: February 12, 2014

Two proposals passed by an Ohio House legislative committee would shorten the early-voting period and limit who can mail out absentee applications, the Associated Press reported.

One would eliminate what has been dubbed the "Golden Week," which is a week when people can both register and vote early. The other would only allow the Ohio Secretary of State to mail out absentee applications -- and only if the legislature had allocated the money for this.

Ohio Sen. Frank LaRose, R-Copley Township, is the sponsor of the Golden Week bill. He told AP sameday registration and voting "perpetuates an election system that is susceptible to voter fraud."

Early voting and when to have it has been controversial in Ohio since the legislature expanded the period and allowed people to cast absentee ballots without a special reason. The fight has been particularly heated in the urban counties, including Summit, where more people early vote.

The Ohio Senate previously passed similar proposals.




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