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Ohio Politics

Who writes the most bills?

By Doug Published: April 6, 2011

Two lawmakers in the Ohio House are tied for the most legislation -- eight bills each.

They are:

Todd Snichtler, R-Uniontown, who left the legislature in February after being appointed to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio by Gov. John Kasich
House bill number and description:
2 State agencies-performance budgeting & auditing
23 Sgt. 1st Class Daniel B. Crabtree Memorial Road-State Rte. 619- in Hartsville
33 Federal law enforcement officers-personal information-confidentiality
34 Sex offenses-expand scope/enhance penalties
50 Expedited Type II annexation-number of petition signers-include subdivisions
51 Municipal utility-supply electricity to nonresidents-notify before terminating
52 Ohio Blue Sky Law-specify forms/administrative remedies for violations
81 Performance budgeting-state agencies to engage in

Barbara Sears, R-Sylvania, a second-term representative from Toledo's west side.
House bill number and description:
10 Environmental voluntary actions-tax credit/exemption from fees/penalties
11 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act-limit state implementation/enforcement
12 Medicaid-revise requirements
13 Medicaid-premium assistance component
14 Statutory definition of "vicious dog"-remove pit bulls
15 Named highways-supportive resolutions/local gov'ts erect markers/no state funding
16 Unaided visual estimation of speed-insufficient evidence
35 Driver education-instruct minors-how to share road with large commercial vehicles



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