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State school board members disagree on parents' ability to choose schools

By Doug Oplinger Published: February 11, 2014

Ohio school-choice movement hinges on whether parents are capable of parenting

By Doug Livingston
Beacon Journal education writer


How good are they?

The 15-year-old school choice movement has prevailed in Ohio, shifting more than $1 billion in state taxes and more than 150,000 students to charter and private schools on this premise: Parents are capable of making good decisions about the education of their children.

Opponents of choice, meanwhile, must withstand charges of “arrogance” as they counter that many parents — inundated by road sign advertisements, TV and radio ads, robo-calls and mailers soliciting their children’s education — are not able to make those good decisions. If they did, the issues of so-called failing schools would have been solved long ago.

That stark difference became clear in more than 20 hours of interviews with members of the Ohio State Board of Education as they discussed ways Ohio must act to improve the academic performance of all children.

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