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A.F.U. (Unnaturally Wired)

By malcolm Published: March 9, 2007

Well, a little bit of the drama has been sucked from the Rock Hall induction Ceremony Monday night.
We've been wondering exactly which members of Van Halen would appear to be enshrined and as of today we know one who definitely won't be onstage, namely, the man himself EDDIE VAN HALEN who announced that he's checked into rehab and will not be at the big party.
No word yet on the previously announced and previously postponed Summer tour. But you gotta wonder how delusional or just messed up Ed must have been to go from thinking he could handle a a 40 date tour to deciding that he couldn't keep his stuff together until Tuesday morning.

Good luck Eddie.

Well according to Sammy, Dave's already there and Sammy and his buddie/sometime bandmate Michael Anthony are definitely gonna be there. That just leaves Alex.
During a conference call with the press to promote the 2004 VH tour Alex and Sammy both said it was their renewed friendship that sparked the (brief) reunion with Alex playing intermediary between Ed & Sammy. Through the hour long phone call the two joked like two old buddies glad to be together again.

Oh well.




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