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Amy Winehouse pulls it together for big night

By malcolm Published: February 10, 2008

Hey, let's give Amy Winehouse hand collective hooray for pulling it together to show us all that she's there's still a an interesting singer and pop star under all that train wreck.

And she gets Record of the Year (and three others at this point) for the now ironic REHAB and looks completely shocked by her win.


I gotta give it to the Grammys for basically chucking the handing out the awards and the obligatory speeches (Kanye...bro, really...get to the point, man) and just fill the evening with music.

That Herbie Hancock and Long Long Gershwin was nice and they didn't condense it to a 3 minute pastiche but aired it out a bit.

That Dave Grohl sure can write a rockin' single can't he?

Ladies and Gentleman...SLAYER

Best Metal Performance
(For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.)

* Nothing Left
As I Lay Dying
Track from: An Ocean Between Us
[Metal Blade Records]

* Never Ending Hill
King Diamond
Track from: Give Me Your Soul...Please
[Metal Blade Records]

* Aesthetics Of Hate
Machine Head
Track from: The Blackening
[Roadrunner Records]

* Redemption
Shadows Fall
Track from: Threads Of Life

* Final Six
Track from: Christ Illusion
[American Recording/Columbia]


You can't call Alicia Keys lazy, she has been working the hell out of her album AS I AM and it's paid off..The Super Bowl, MTV, GRAMMYS, I can't remember but I'll assume she was at The Amercian Music Aawards's...she's puttining in Beyonce/Usher level work.
And she has great taste in pants.

You know you've reached back into the annals of rock n' roll history when 62 year old John Fogerty is the youngest of the stars onstage...Little Richard still fabulous after all these deacdes, and The Killer who seems a little more energetic than he did at the Civic in September.

We should enjoy these moments because as the annual slide show of DOOM shows us odds are at least one of those three rockers won't be available in 2010.




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