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.....and this one time, at the B.E.T Awards?...

By malcolm Published: July 2, 2007

OK, where was I?
Oh! an astute reader pointed out that the B-3P0 outfit Beyonce opened her segment strapped in was a direct rip-off of..I homage to an outfit Miss Kylie Minogue wore during her 2002 Love at First Sight Fever Tour.
It still reminds me of a leftover costume from Metropolis or the cover of the Stars Wars Disco album by Meco

Miss Minogue's version can be found on Youtube (as can everything that has or will happen, I swear I saw footage of John Wayne's Bah Mitzvah! Whatta shana punim!)

Sorry, back to B.E.T. Ciara, who seems like a very sweet young lady decided to be her own hype man during her song (which I've forgotten, sorry) barking out the lyrics between gyrations (again, I'm not really complaining).
The Tribute To Diana Ross was pretty cool also with Erykah Badu filling out her jumpsuit and doing her best disco diva dancing to "Love Hangover" and Chaka Khan trying to remember the lyrics to I'm Coming Out," and Stevie Wonder inserting some of those famous bebop influenced flourishes to the basic riff of "Upside Down."
Good times, good times.
Anyway, 50 Cent sucks...did I say that already?

Oooh, it was nice to see Eve in active duty again. "BHH&R&BR" ("blazing hip hop and etc...) and hip hop in general could use a healthy dose of Estrogen.




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