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By malcolm Published: June 28, 2007

Watched most of the B.E.T Awards the other night (we'll all get many, many, MANY more opportunities to see it, trust me) and here's a random collection of high/low lights and general thoughts.
Gnarls Barkley won best group which was a big surprise to me given that "blazing hip hop & R&B Radio" didn't show them much love and they are kind of weird. Then again, the number of "groups" in the R&B/hip hop realm is pretty small so perhaps BET was just acknowledging the the fact that they had a huge hit with "Crazy."

First, let's give a salute to the always fun to watch combination of taut, rounded body parts, honed talent, unwavering drive and careful management that all adds up to BEYONCE.
Second, what the hell was with the Robot Suit she was wearing at the beginning of her song, "Get Me Bodied?" She looked like a lost extra from "Metropolis" or a B-3P0 doll and then just as your wondering what that has to do with the song she strips down to gold lame pants.
Not that I'm complaining
Speaking of Beyonce, here's a lesson for all aspiring R&B singers who wish to ascend to the Miss B's and folks like Usher's heights.
You probably already realize that if you really want to hit the big time, being able to sing is not going to be enough. There must be "SHOW" and that means dancing and singing at the same time.
One word: CARDIO
Beyonce didn't stop bouncing or wiggling for one moment during her performance and her voice wavered not one iota.
Usher (who recently announced that he knocked up his 37 year old wife, congrats) who's stage show is damn near a string of dance routines broken up by music also never sounds out of breath.
By contrast, former Destined Child Kelly Rowland who performed new single "Like This" immediately after B finished hers sounded winded after the first verse.

Wait. I'll be right back




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