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Black Keys appear on cover of Rolling Stone magazine

By malcolm Published: January 3, 2012

Yep, the local boys continue to make good and gooder as they get amped up for what could be their biggest (gooderest?) year of their decade long careers.

Their album El Camino debuted at #2 on the Billboard Charts, they appeared on Saturday Night Live twice in one year and looked awkward and uncomfortable on their recent Colbert Report appearance and now they have made the cover of Rolling Stone.

I'd try and post it here for your enjoyment but I don't want a phalanx of lawyers to cut a hole in my ceiling and descend upon me a la' Terry Gilliam's Brazil

So instead, here's Pat and Dan sweating through an interview with Stephen Colbert from a few weeks ago.

"Akron's got a lot of cheesburgers," HA!

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The Black Keys
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