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Black Keys recording new album with Danger Mouse

By malcolm Published: August 28, 2007

I mentioned this in the paper a few weeks ago before everything was settled, but now it's in a press release so you know it's GOT to be true.
The Black Keys recently spent a few weeks at SUMA Studios recording tracks for their upcoming fourth album.
This will be the first time the West Akron duo has come outside their own basemen studio and the first time they have used an outside producer.
Danger Mouse, who has become a high profile producer with the massive global success of Gnarls Barkley and the Gorillaz after years of being an indie darling.
It's certainly a good thing that the Keys are reaching outside of their comfort zone for album four and a little rock n' roll bird told me, the initial sessions went very well producing the blueprint of several songs.
It'll be interesting to how the man who imaginatively meshed the Beatles White Album and Jay-Z together for the less than legal Grey Album will do with just Dan Auerbach's voice and guitar and Pat Carney's drums and what effect it will have on the duo's songwriting.
We won't find out until 2008.
Stay tuned.




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