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Brooks & Dunn show at Blossom rescheduled to August 26 due to Ronnie Dunn's illness

By malcolm Published: June 23, 2010

Well B&D fans, you'll have to wait a few more weeks to see the hit making country duo's final tour stop at Blossom.


Because Ronnie Brooks has fallen ill and has been ordered by doctors to take a 3 week vocal rest.

Dunn said via text message, “Following my doctor’s order, shutting up, getting well and comin’ back asap!"

For ticket holders that means the evening of July 9th (the original concert date) is suddenly free and you are now busy on Thursday, August 26 the makeup date.

All previously purchased tickets will be honored on the new show date.

On a side note, has any promoter/artist ever said "hey, guess what? We're rescheduling the show and all you suckers will have to buy replacement tickets! Screw you and buy my record!"

I gave you my money already, you literally owe me a concert, so why wouldn't you honor my original ticket?
It's not like you're doing me a favor by "honoring" the ticket for the concert that you were unable to play,

I'm juss' sayin'...

It's like all these d**n "all natural" "no extra chemicals" products that companies sell at higher prices.

They tout stuff like "Made from natural ingredients, No Bleach, no chemical additives, no perfumes or scents, no Trihydrosemioxidants! (or whatever toxic substance they've been using in their products for decades that was recently discovered to cause fang-toed, red-eyed, cyclops babies)"

And it only cost $3 more!

$3 more?
You put less stuff in it, use a simpler process and yet I'm paying more because you put a cool, hip "Green" symbol on the bottle?

Aw, hell no.

Whoops, sorry, now I'm just ranting...what was I saying?

Oh yeah,





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