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Clay Aiken fans are wrong!!

By malcolm Published: October 16, 2007

OK, that was mean but after enduring (metaphorical) reams of righteously indignant and occasionally crazy emails regarding Mr. Aiken and his career trajectory, I'm gonna let that title stand.

Anyway, remember way back when Clay Aiken was really famous and one of the compliments (albeit a left-handed one in some cases) often paid to him by the media and regular people who were less than enthralled with his unique charms was that he had a perfect voice, singing style and stage presence for Broadway?

Well, that remark always seemed to incense the (then) legions of Claymates who went thru great pains to inform members of the media (and I'm speaking from experience) that they were obviously unhappy, sick people with axes to grind against this wholesome all-American, golden-voiced, fully heterosexual young man and how DARE they suggest that Aiken was only talented enough for Broadway.

The fact that thousands of very talented people spend their lives dreaming about and working towards getting to sing and/or dance on a Broadway stage notwithstanding. Somehow Broadway was simply not good enough for their boy Clay who was going to "change the music industry."
(apparently some fans thought he was going to join Radiohead)

So guess what Clay Aiken is doing now?

He's joined the cast of Spamalot on BROADWAY as Sir Robin starting on January 8 through May 8. Additionally, director Mike Nichols has paid him the following decidedly right-handed compliment in an AP story announcing his new gig.

"Clay Aiken is amazing beyond that glorious voice," Nichols said. "Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character."

Well, good for Aiken.
He has arrived at the place where many said he would end up and could flourish and he's got a damn good head start in a big, already successful production.
Obviously, Clive Davis/RCA no longer give a crap about trying to make him a pop star evidenced by the Thousand Ways contract-filling album of covers from a year ago that was reportedly thrust upon young Mr. Aiken

Also, I'd bet that at this point the only people who still care about his sexual orientation are the fans unable to deal with the possibility of him actually being a wholesome all-American, golden-voiced gay man you can take home to your grandmother.

Well, the folks on The Great White Way certainly don't care which way he swings. And if Nichols is right and Aiken gives good character he is still recognizable enough to be first in the casting lines for the musical productions of Saw:The Musical or Ghandi II: Resurrection or Sanford & Son Goes Hawaiian or Harry Potter & the Warlock's Magic Jazz Hands all of which are surely coming as writers continue to look to recent pop culture for ideas.

Break a leg, kid.




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