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By malcolm Published: August 29, 2007

A few months after the final death of the legendary but long desolate punk rock mecca CBGB & OMFUG, it's proprietor Hilly Kristal died of long cancer at 75.
CBGB's closed last October after a string of great shows featuring old-timers such as Bad Brains, Blondie and Patti Smith who told the audience that Kristal was ‘‘our champion and in those days, there were very few.’’
Kristal who opened the club in 1973 wanted it to be some sort of Lowery Bowery mecca for the music he loved, namely the country, bluegrass and blues of the club's name. But he was smart enough to read the prevailing winds (and the many rock articles on the crazy new punk rock scene happening at a dirty, dingy club in the Bowery) and he rode the punk zeitgeist turning "CBGB's" into a recognizable logo whose shirts you can now buy at Target (CBGB's shirt = I like punk!).
After the club was finally shuttered, Kristal said he planned to take everything out of the original club including the legendary bathrooms and open a Vegas version of the club.
Let's be honest, that would have sucked.

I'd say it was the end of an era but the era actually ended nearly 30 years ago.
Frankly for several years, the club had been living off its reputation, seemingly booking any band that asked.

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Black Keys recording new album with Danger Mouse

By malcolm Published: August 28, 2007

I mentioned this in the paper a few weeks ago before everything was settled, but now it's in a press release so you know it's GOT to be true.
The Black Keys recently spent a few weeks at SUMA Studios recording tracks for their upcoming fourth album.
This will be the first time the West Akron duo has come outside their own basemen studio and the first time they have used an outside producer.
Danger Mouse, who has become a high profile producer with the massive global success of Gnarls Barkley and the Gorillaz after years of being an indie darling.
It's certainly a good thing that the Keys are reaching outside of their comfort zone for album four and a little rock n' roll bird told me, the initial sessions went very well producing the blueprint of several songs.
It'll be interesting to how the man who imaginatively meshed the Beatles White Album and Jay-Z together for the less than legal Grey Album will do with just Dan Auerbach's voice and guitar and Pat Carney's drums and what effect it will have on the duo's songwriting.
We won't find out until 2008.
Stay tuned.

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V.H. v4.5 is GO!

By malcolm Published: August 20, 2007

Alright all you Sinners, get ready to Swing!

The press release makes it O-fficial!.

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From the "ungreat ideas" files

By malcolm Published: August 20, 2007

editors note: A reader pointed out to me that I initially got my 80's hair bands mixed up in the following ramble and repeatedly referred to Great White as White Lion.
My apologies to both bands, and it's been fixed.
Also, thanks to the the same reader for the Elton John/John Holmes clarification. Apparently, I have been modeling my entire lifestyle after the wrong guy...that might explain why the $4000 hairpiece and tiny dog I bought aren't helping me much with the ladies.

AP reports that Alrosa Villa the Columbus concert club where Dimebag Darrell and four other people was shot and killed by a crazed fan will welcome Great White, the hair metal band whose onstage pyro set a Rhode Island club ablaze and killed 100 people.

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R.I.P Max Roach 1924-2007

By malcolm Published: August 17, 2007

Another jazz innovator dies and another living link to the bebop era of jazz and the days when music and musicians were an active part of the civil rights movement fades.

Roach of course was THE bebop drummer pushing Bird and Diz and a very young Miles Davis with his speed and amazing polyrhythmic abilities. And of course, the records he made with the late Clifford Brown are quintessential hard bop and are still the basis for what conservatives such as Wynton Marsalis consider real jazz.

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By malcolm Published: August 13, 2007

OK kids, word is that today Monday August 13, Eddie, Alex, Wolfgang Van Halen and Diamond David Lee Roth will announce their late summer tour as VAN HALEN.

Can you say train wreck?

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By malcolm Published: August 12, 2007

Here's a few more tunes that folks keep hidden in their collections and hearts.

Undercover Angel (Alan O’Day)
Shannon Arvai, Cuyahoga Falls

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50 Cent is keepin' it real?

By malcolm Published: August 12, 2007

So this is what's important in hip hop.

50 Cent who has made inventing irrelevant beef with...well anyone, to get folks to pay attention to his product has invented another promotional tool with this challenge/promise as reported by AP

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Screamfest 07' Postponed due to Techinical Difficulties.

By malcolm Published: August 9, 2007

Ooh, that's gotta hurt.

107.9 was had very good deals on tickets for this show. you have to wonder what the "technical difficulties" were.

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R.I.P Lee Hazlewood

By malcolm Published: August 7, 2007

The maverick country artist and songwriter who helped make Nancy Sinatra more than just Frank's wannabe singer daughter, and who worked with Duane Eddy and influenced Phil Spector's production style died from Liver cancer on Saturday.
Rather than pretend to be an expert on Hazlewood, here's a well rounded obit from the U.K.

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Backstreet's DOH!

By malcolm Published: August 6, 2007

Dude, I forgot.
It'll be on the web in a few hours, anyway.

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Your dreams have been answered...Backstreet's Back!!

By malcolm Published: August 6, 2007

In just a few short hours we all will have the opportunity to be among the first to hear the new single "Incosolable" from THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

I know that, like me have missed the fivesome who are now foursome because Kevin Richardson (the brooding guy with the mustache) has had the good sense..I mean, he decided to take a break to pursue "other projects."
The "band" refused to replace him, leaving the door open for any possible return.

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Quincy Jones TV

By malcolm Published: August 1, 2007

Here's a neat use of your broadband connection (seriously, if you don't have one, you're only wading not surfing the Interweb Super Roadway), music legend quincy Jones has started a 26 episode video podcast series on his website that will include "footage of the musician at work in the studio and at exclusive events around the world. Also featured in are Jones' takes on film, popular culture, politics and world events."

OK, for me it's the work in the studio that i'm interested in seeing and episode one gives us five minutes with Celine Dion in the studio recording her vocal for I knew I Loved You from the recent underwhelming tribute album We All Love Ennio Morricone.

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