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CREED wants you to Bleed

By malcolm Published: August 24, 2009

Popular 90's alt-rock groups don't disband forever.
They just go away for awhile, realize that nothing else is as awesome (or pays as well) as being a rock star and then reform "rejuvenated" and ready to rock like its (place be$t year for band, here).

But, that doesn't necessarily mean that your old fans will still give enough of a poop to pay their own money to relive their salad days.

So sometimes band/promoters have to give fans a jumpstart.

Case in point: Reunited post-grunge stars Creed have teamed up with Akron's own classic/active rock station WONE 97.5 to gather the blood of fans, i.e. BLEED FOR CREED. In exchange for a pint of your blood, Creed & WONE are offering FREE LAWN TICKETS to the band's Wednesday night show at Blossom Music Center to folks who come down to the radio station (Akron Radio Center,1795 West Market Street-right by the West Point Market) and give up some of your precious life juice Tuesday, (8/25) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Now, this is a darn good thing Creed and WONE are doing because blood banks are always looking for a few good pints.

But from a business standpoint, FREE TICKETS for a show usually indicates that the number of PAID TICKETS is considerably smaller than the promoter/venue would prefer and really want folks to fill up some available space.

Nevertheless, their potential loss is your and the local blood banks gain.
So, if you've been itching to hear/see the now clean-headed Scott Stapp do the 2009 version of the dark leather panted-super-earnest-post-grunge-rock-god thing on monster hits such as Higher and With Arms Wide Open then cough up some blood--sorry, I mean donate some blood and see it all for free.

If you'd rather keep your blood, as of Monday afternoon you can still buy two tickets in the pit for a concert that is happening on Wednesday night.

Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that this show hasn't done better considering that Creed sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 skidillion records during their heyday (I may be off by a skidillion or two, but it was a lot) and sold out arenas around the country. Plus, 80's & 90's alt/indie rock nostalgia is all the rage.

Did all those Creed Fans have a musical epiphany and finally realize how derivative and boring Creed was back then?

Are they all so enamored with the bands that gained fame crawling out of Creed's sonic afterbirth (Nickelback/Daughtry/Shinedown/3 Doors Down, et al..) that they no longer have time/energy for the....."original?"

Whatever, it's a win-win for fans:

Free lawn tickets to Creed in exchange for the opportunity to do something good for your fellow humans.




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